Amulets of the Goddess 12 Month General Reading



January – Hand with Seeds: Holding Power in your hands

You hold the seeds of change and growth. This is your time for a new start. A new way of being. The seeds of change aren’t far away. They are within your grasp. Now what are you going to do with them? Will you fling them away? Will you grasp them tightly to you? Or, will you plant them and allow them to grow?

February – Ewe: Self-Worth

Somewhere you learned to not trust in yourself. Somewhere you learned that you do not have worth. Your worth is not in who you know. Or the money you have accumulated. Your worth is an integral part of you. Your worth comes simply because you exist. Look inside yourself to find your worth. Remember the words of Doreen Valiente, “If that which you seek to find you find not within yourself, you will never find it without.”

March – Comb: Self-Reliance

In your year of growth and discovery this is a month to discover that you can rely upon yourself. You are capable, you can depend upon your own words, your own strengths, and your own abilities. Trust yourself.

April – Frog: Speaking Out

Opportunities to speak out and speak up about personal or social injustices will present themselves in this month. Do not be afraid to speak up and speak out. Choose your words carefully. Let your voice be heard, but let the words you speak represent your values and your beliefs. You do not speak for others. Let them also raise their voices. Find the harmony as your words join together in a sacred song.

June – Spider: Sacred Creativity

Problems need to be addressed. Conventional means may not work. It is time to approach solutions in a new, and creative way. Look for solutions in ways yet untested. The old ways aren’t working. Did they ever work? Be radical. Do something different. Be creative.

July – Dreaming Goddess: Intuition

As you approach life’s problems in a more creative way iy is time to look closer at you own intuition. Sometimes, information seems to come out of nowhere. This is one kind of intuition. At other times your mind makes quick connections between seemingly unrelated events. This is another kind of intuition. Trust your intuition. It will serve you well in times to come.

August – Dolphin: Joy and Play

Take time to play. Play. Laugh. Giggle. Do things not because they serve a higher purpose but because they bring you joy. Perhaps you have been taking yourself too serious lately. It is okay to laugh at yourself on occasion.

September – Labrys: Personal Power

You have the power within you to do what needs to be done. Others may have tried to take this power from you. It is always okay to claim your power back. Your personal power can be used by no one but you. Stand in your power. Hold your head high and with pride. Feel your power surround you and fill you.

October – Willendorf Goddess: Belonging

You. Yes, you. You belong here. Right now where you are on this Earth. You are a part of the Earth, one of Her children. Your place, your being has a reason and a purpose. Even if you can’t see it right now. Just know that you belong. You are a child of the Earth and She holds you close to her. Feel the bear of the Earth’s heart beneath your feet and know you are meant to be here.

November – Whirlwinds: Unseen Change

Changes have been set in motion. Seeds planted long ago in January are ripening and the pods are about to open to reveal what has been growing. This is a month of great upheaval and changes. It can be so tempting to try to pull things back into order and sameness. Know that chaos must happen before change can occur. Trust the stillness at the centre of the storm.

December – Gorgon: Righteous Anger

That anger you have inside? Now is the time to express it. Not in an explosion that cuases a lot of damage but changes nothing. Focused, pure. Use your anger to bring about the changes you need in your life. Anger is a tool. Just like fire that when focused can be used to warm a home, but unfocused it can burn that home to the ground. Your anger is real. It is right. Use it. No more allowing anger to use you. No more allowing others to use your righteous anger against you.


Some work with Tarot Cards, some use Runes. I have a strong affinity for the Amulets.

Amulets of the Goddess: Oracle of Ancient Wisdom comes from a book and amulet set created by author and artist Nancy Blair.

I have been using the amulets for divinatory work and for insight into what is happening in my life since 1993. I’ve been doing oracle readings for others almost as long and can now offer Amulet Readings to anyone around the world.

You can find guidance from the Amulets. If you are wondering where your life is heading, or looking for guidance on what the future might hold, the Amulets can help.

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