Merry Meet







Happy New Year!!  We have a wonderful new issue for you this month to start the year off right, with great features like..




A Tarot Deck Review of The English Magic Tarot Deck.   The theme of the deck is set in the 100 years or so beginning with the Reformation Period and the reign of King Henry VIII and running through the end of the reign of Elizabeth I.





An Interview with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free: The Highland Seer.  Author and Shamanic practitioner, she has a variety of hats, including flautist, singer, and seer.  She was recently in the limelight wither her magical partner Flavia Kate Peters, on the TV show Celebrity Haunted Hotel.  





An Interview with Psychic Brittany Quagan.   Elfin empath goes from panic attacks to helping others heal.




SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals features a Ritual for Calling Kali-Ma in this time of need and Change.  


…and much more for your reading enjoyment!





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