Spiralled Edges

Spiralled Edges – New Beginnings and Imbolc Chaos and Change

I had an entire idea for a nice article about Imbolc and how it symbolises new beginnings in our lives. But I’ve torn that all up, in a figurative sense, because of all that is happening around the world in recent weeks.

The US has a new president, Great Britain is poised to leave the European Union, and refugees are fleeing yet another war in yet another country. Right now, the whole world is really chaotic, and really rather scary.

As human beings, we tend to not like chaos and change. Change can be dangerous our subconscious tells us. People who study such things can tell you that there is even a part of the brain, located in the amygdala that makes us feel really uncomfortable when there is too much change too quickly in our lives.

But change is also an inevitable part of living, and of dying. We are always in a constant state of change, as is the world around us and everything in it.

She changes everything She touches, and everything She touches changes.”

Sometimes, change is subtle, and we don’t realise what has happened until we look back. Sometimes, change is in your face, drastic, and painful. It’s chaotic.

Newsfeeds online are filled with headlines designed to grab our attention and instil the greatest amount of fear. Clickbait we call it. Designed purely to get your attention and get you to click a link. It’s only when you’ve read halfway down that you realise the headline in no way matches the meat of the story

That chaos has to happen in order for change to occur. That is what we are seeing around the world today. Incredible chaos, scary chaos.

All of this chaos, all of this hatred and fear, the backlash against women and people of colour, against those who are disabled, those who follow a different religion or come from a different economic background? It’s not new. It’s always been around us, like an infection hidden deep within.

You don’t get rid of infection by burying it deeper in the body and pretending it doesn’t exist, which is what people have tried to do the past 50+ years, since the last time of massive global change in the 1960s and 70s. No, you get rid of infection by bringing it to the surface and removing it from the body.

That is what we are seeing now, and what we have been seeing in pockets for some time now. Pockets of stagnated slimy nasty hate-filled fear coming to a head and being released.

What does any of this mean for those of us who are Pagan?

It means making sure this infection deep within society continues to be expelled. It means taking time to hold sacred space around those who are being directly impacted by these changes. It means standing up and saying “No!” to prejudice and hatred. It’s doing what energy work, or magic, or healing we can do, not to bring order, but to help the deeply embedded, institutionalised infection be revealed and eradicated.

It means keeping our mouths shut, especially those of us who follow a Western European Pagan tradition, and allowing those from other traditions and cultures around the globe to speak their truth. People of colour, people who are Native American, people who have systematically been silenced in order to keep that infection hidden away have their stories to tell and we all need to actively listen.

We can’t take an attitude of “it isn’t happening to me” because we don’t know that it won’t be us tomorrow.