The Moon in Other Forms: Qabalistic

Although not an apparent correspondence, I have chosen the discipline of the Hermetic Tree of Life as another source of deepening your solar connection. If you are unfamiliar with the basic principles of the Qabalah, please refer to the link at the bottom of the page. You will find enough information there to allow the opening of another overlay of understanding of the Lunar Principle.




Planetary Attribution: The Moon

Milky whiteness and gown

Of luminescent light

Sparkles through veils

Of fertile dreamtime.

Images of shape and form

Arise borne on gossamer wings

Of faery flight and angels beckon

From heavenly clouds of

Rhythmic and billowy breath.


Shining mirror reflects back the

Beauty of gifted mortal’s soul

And yearning feeds the hunger of

Unfulfilled desires and needs.

Behind the mask of eternity the

Phantom smiles a gaping grin

And spidery fingers tap out

The rhythm of carnival’s retreat.

Memories flood the pages

Of dusty shelf-worn books

While the drone of life story’s

Narrative hums and buzzes

Around the hornet’s nest.

Each stinging more precisely

Each leaving an indelible

Mark as the honey sweetly

Drips from the catacombs

Of Queen Bee’s grand design.


Within the sphere of mystery

The moon glows ever bright

And eyes that have no use

For human sight peer deeply

Into the cavernous dark

Moving carefully through the

Storehouse of illusion.


But once the vault is opened

And inspiration comes

Shard-like slicing through

The test has been mastered

The seeker now illumined

And filled with Luna’s grace

Moves boldly and sure-footed.

The mind has been set free

Fragile fingers reach ever upward

And the heart waits patiently

Behind the reflection of

The midwife’s closed door.

Water of Air

The Lesson of the Sphere



Thought Forms

Dream World



The Energy of the Sphere

In Hebrew, the word Yesod means “foundation” and the “sod” portion alone means “mystery”. This should give clue as to the energies of the qabalistic sphere of Yesod. It is the stuff of dreams, fantasies, memory and the dwelling place of true magick. This sphere holds the key to the unknown and the unknowable. Just as matter itself resides in Malkuth, the focus and energy that make it “living matter” is contained within the essence of Yesod. As we descend from the higher spheres and move through the varied energies of each of the preceding we come to rest in Yesod, the beginning phase of creation of a thoughtform; the storehouse of  images only,  without the benefit of the life energy needed before these images can move into a state of manifestation in Malkuth.

Yesod is known as the “Treasure House of Symbols”. It is here that the Akashic records, which are said to contain the memory and experiences of every living being are held within the substance of Aether (spirit). This attribute alone can give rise to illusion, false conceptions and a deluded sense of Soul’s purpose. It is a world of shadow and illusion; being held in a state of “in-between”. It sits above the physical plane of Malkuth, yet lower than the Divine/spiritual plane that would provide the necessary discernment to determine what is illusory in nature and that which is a true expression of reality. By virtue of this state of mediation and filter the function of Yesod provides informed access to the Astral, which holds the necessary accumulation of symbols and images that can be further classified, processed, filtered and assimilated to allow movement to the higher realms. Ascending on the Tree these images and collected information come from the place of the concrete manifest energy of Malkuth and human experience.

And, in downpour those pure ideas and mental processes of Higher Mind co-mingle with what is reaching upwards. Yesod is the place of allegory and allusion to things of a higher nature.  Because the information is often muddled or distorted (as in the fun house mirror) it becomes necessary to strengthen the emotion of Trust. Trusting that the information being revealed is the truth emanating from a pure source, and trusting that you will be able to learn the appropriate lesson of the allegory.

Yesod is notably the sphere of the moon. And, just as the physical moon of our world goes through its tides and cyclical changes and has great effect on our physical earth; this principle is also true of the interaction between Yesod and Malkuth. The Moon was man’s first timekeeper and generated awareness of the seasons, the water’s ebb and flow, evolution and change. It also gave light to the awareness of the cyclic nature of life and the natural surroundings.

Moving through the energies of Yesod is to move in accord with the Cosmic Law of Rhythm; the natural cyclic nature of all things and the evolution and transformation at the level of the Soul through these waters of higher life.

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