Seeing the Signs

Using a Pendulum with Runes


Since buying a set of Runes in January of this year, I have been working with them and studying both their history and lore diligently. Using Alexandra Chauran’s wonderful book, Runes for Beginners: Simple divination and Interpretation as well as the chapter on Runes in The Fortune-Teller’s Workbook: A Practical Introduction to the World of divination by Sasha Fenton, I am slowly – very slowly – becoming adept at using the stones. I am also – of course – searching the internet for all the information I can find. I made a chart for myself that I refer to quickly and am beginning to memorize the Elder Futhark alphabet. I found the font online and downloaded it so I can use it on my computer.


One thing I do on a daily basis is draw a Rune as part of my morning meditation. I have been doing this for years with one of my Tarot decks and now I compare the two messages and see if they are working together or opposed and what that means for me. It’s amazing how often they work together. For instance, pulling VII The Chariot and the Rune e , which is “eow”, “horse”, meaning “movement, travel”. Or II The High Priestess and L , which is “lagu”, “lake”, meaning “moon goddess, women”. The more I use the two divinatory methods together, the more this happens. There is a kind of synchronicity that seems to be occurring which is really cool.

Of course, plenty of times, I can’t make head or tails out of either the Tarot card or the stones and I just sit there looking at them like what the fuck is this? But that’s okay, too. Sometimes there is no message. That’s just the way it is. The message is that there’s no message. Like the Beatles sang, “I’ve got nothing to say and it’s okay.”

This morning, I pulled the Ace of Wands and v, which is emotional happiness. That tells me that my emotional happiness comes from starting a new project and sticking to it – rather than looking for emotional love – I am happiest when I am working. I have been writing all day and feeling really good about myself.


One of the things I do at least once a week – if not more – is read the Runes using my pendulum. This is how I do it. I put out all the Runes face down. Since there’s 25 of them, I make a square of five rows of five stones. Then I let my pendulum choose which stones to turn over. If the pendulum moves – generally in a strong back and forth motion – then that’s a stone to be turned over. If the pendulum doesn’t move, then I go onto the next stone. Out of twenty-five stones, the pendulum will pick between three and seven stones. Usually it picks five. Most of the time, in fact.



Again, sometimes I can get a good reading out of this method and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I can even get the Runes to spell an actual word. But if I can’t, it’s no big deal. I just work with what I’ve got.


This particular reading I did just before I went on vacation. The pendulum picked six stones this time. N and x both indicate needing to watch my back. Naturally, whenever you’re traveling, you have to be careful of everything – where you set your luggage, when you pull out your wallet, who you talk to. Of course, this is true of life in general! k is warmth, “life” and s is the sun, meaning “life force”, and on my travels, I would be seeing both my beloved only son James, and my elderly parents. t is “Tir” the war god, meaning “passion” but it looks like an arrow shooting into the sky – I was flying on my trip and I passionately love to fly – even with the inconvenience of going through TSA! And e is movement – I have been in perpetual movement these past few weeks – taking busses, subways, trains, and of course, planes. So this reading really hit the mark!

The more I use Runes – either with other divinatory methods or alone – the more I love them. If you haven’t gotten a set yet, get out there and buy yourself one! It’s well worth the money. Or find twenty-five small stones and paint the letters on them. But do it! Runes are a great divinatory system and everyone should have a set on hand.