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Book Review: Practical Spellcraft: A First Course in Magic” by Leanna Greenaway



Published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company

Published, 2017; Copyright, 2003

Available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions

Most of us, if I had to guess, began to make our way on this path with the help of books.

Leanna Greenaway offers a comprehensive introduction. Her book takes readers from the early steps – relating Wiccan beliefs, the sabats and setting up an altar – through more than a dozen important topics including the significance of botanicals, the meaning of animals, and correspondences. The second half of the book provides 50 spells on a wide variety of topics touching all aspects of life. Some are simple and some are more involved, but all are easy to follow.

The only thing I could tell for certain was updated from the original edition were the pages that gave the dates of new and full moon through 2027.

From the time she was young, Greenaway recalls being superstitious and performing rituals long before being shown how. She began meditating when she was 6 and her mother, a white witch who descended from practicing clairvoyants, began sharing her secrets when Greenway was 13.

This book will touch on all the basics, making it a useful “Spellcraft 101” manual and reference.

There are such practical tips – many from her own experiences – such as how computers can go haywire during rituals if close to where the magic is being performed, and how electronic appliances can accelerate a ritual.

Although she provides spells, she tells readers that as their confidence builds, those they create for themselves can be more effective. The information in the book helps unravel the mystery and symbolism so readers can start to gain control over their lives and understand their destiny.

Greenaway notes what many on this path have realized: that it is often not so much learning something new as it is remembering that they already knew it.