A Hereditary Witch on Hexing




Hexing, this is a word that conjures up images of Shakespeare’s witches in Macbeth huddled over a bubbling cauldron; of the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus and of Terry Pratchett’s Granny Weatherwax (who doesn’t love that ol’ gal). Bring up hexing at a Meet-up or discussion group and suddenly you are bombarded by someone quoting the Three Fold Law, The Wiccan Rede and Karma.


According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary:
Hex – \’heks\ verb Etymology: Pennsylvania German hexe, from German hexen, from Hexe witch, from Old High German hagzissa; akin to Middle English hagge hag. Date 1830
1: to put a hex on 2: to affect as if by an evil spell.


How many of you have hexed? No one, are you sure? Hmm. Well, how many of you have flipped someone off on the freeway while uttering curse words? How about having God (your choice of which) condemn someone to hell by uttering ‘God damn…’. These are just two examples of using hexes without even realizing it. Take ‘flipping’ someone off for example; you use the power of words fueled by the power of your negative emotions while adding a gesture and guess what, you just hexed someone. Of course you don’t literally want the person to ‘Go F’ himself, you’re upset, but you did put the energy out there through thought and action and in some way it will manifest, even though you will never know in what way. We talk about responsibility in the pagan/magical community, but how responsible are we really. When it suits us? Have you ever considered recalling or grounding the energy you sent forth?


“Those who can’t Hex, can’t Heal.” This one has been around for a long time. Hexing and healing are two sides of the blade; you can’t have one without the other. I’ve been an energy healer my entire life and 20 years ago I became a Reiki Master. I know from experience that when a work of healing begins it starts off as a hex. The energy goes to the damaged or blocked place in the body and forces it, pushes it, dissolves it or moves it out, then and only then can the healing energy come through. In Reiki we call this a Healing Crisis. This can also happen in reflexology. For example: my son does intuitive reflexology. He worked on my feet one day and I went into cold chills and shakes as the energy went through my organs and cleared out the toxins. Afterwards I felt better than I had in a long while.


Some years ago I was invited to a circle of women to enact a hex on a serial rapist in the area. The woman leading the group knew one of the women who had been raped. We worked up a curse that this person would be caught by his own means. A week later, the police had evidence that led them to the rapist. He was convicted.


In my family we prefer to use the term ‘justification magic’, but a hex is a hex. This is something we use vary sparingly and we don’t use it for petty problems. Example: Your boyfriend/husband leaves you for your best friend. Hurt, angry, devastated, vengeful; yeah, you are probably all those things. Hex the person? No. Its’ life, it happens, it’s unfortunate, but it happens.


There is a fine line between life’s lessons and someone who unjustly attacks you or your family. It takes a strong sense of knowing who you are and what you are capable of at a core level. It also means being able to accept the responsibility, if you are wrong.


When my daughter was in her early 20’s, her boyfriend dumped her on Valentine’s Day.  They lived together in a house with his mother. He began dating a friend of hers and she began finding stuff missing from her room. She told me she was moving in with her dad and that she was planning a trip out of state to visit a friend. She had been putting money away for this trip.


Not long after, she discovered that her bank account had been drained of all assets. She contacted the bank and apparently someone had used her ATM card as a credit card to place orders on line.  She filed a report with her bank and contacted the online shops where her ATM was used. They weren’t of much help. She did everything she could do legally. I did not know any of this was going on at the time. Then she came to me.


I asked her if her ex-boyfriend had her ATM card number, she said no. I asked her where she left her purse unattended, she said at work and when she lived at the ex-boyfriends. As she is telling all of this to me and I see the hurt and frustration on her face, I felt dead calm inside. I uttered a verbal curse, and sent the energy out to whom ever did this and that they should suffer in like kind, until the money was returned or they confessed to what they had done.


Sometime later, I heard that her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend left him. His mom moved out of the house to move in with her boyfriend. He lost his job and his place he was renting. He lived out of his car and by the grace of a friend, allowed to park the car in his parent’s driveway. The parents however, wouldn’t let him stay in the house.


Three months passed, the bank returned all of my daughter’s money and at that moment the hex was nil. Within 3 days of her money being returned, her ex-boyfriend got a job and his entire livelihood turned positive. He also eventually moved out of state, that was just an extra bonus.


I mentioned the Three Fold Law, The Wiccan Rede and Karma at the beginning of this column. Here are my take on those:


Three Fold Law:
We do not adhere to what you put out returns to you three time good/bad. We believe that magic is like casting a stone into a pond. If the stone (hex) is cast right the ripples move outwards until they hit their target, but never reach back to the center. In attraction magic, the stone must be cast harder so that the ripples return to center.


The Wiccan Rede:
The Rede (translates as to advice or given counsel too) is part of a tradition that we do not belong to. However, I have seen how this has helped many people become more positive and thoughtful on how they act and live their lives.


Karma gets bandied about way too much and is often misunderstood. Karma works with a person’s Dharma. Dharma is the life lessons you come here to work on in this life. Karma is the retribution if you stray from your Dharma. Eastern philosophy is beautiful, but it is also not part of my tradition.


Summing up, I am not an advocate for anyone to start hexing. This is something I trained in and which is part of my tradition. I do not hex indiscriminately and I always give on ‘out’ for the hex to break. Over the course of my life, I can count on one hand the hexes I have performed all of them ending positively for both parties. You should always have one good hex in your magical arsenal. Better to have one and not need it, that to need it and not have one.


Blessings on your Hearth and Home