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Herkimer Diamonds, a Girls Best Friend

Last month I finally got to cross a long held dream of mine off my bucket list….going to Herkimer NY to dig for herkimer diamonds!! It was a bonus that they have a fabulous annual gem show there and I was able to go while it was happening! First I will give you an overview of herkimers and what makes them so special, then I will tell you about my experience there!!

Herkimer diamonds are a very unique and distinct type of quartz. They are composed of silicon dioxide and have a hexagonal structure. They are found in only one place in the world, in Herkimer, NY (hence their name). Dolomite limestone is the rock formation in which they are found. Surface water seeped down into the ground and got trapped in pockets. From intense heat and pressure these beauties were formed. 

They are special because they are the highest vibration quartz there is! If you read my article from July “The Power of Quartz“, you already know that quartz as a group is the highest vibration mineral there is….and within the quartz family, herkimers vibrate highest of all! The other thing that sets herkimers apart and makes them easy to spot from regular clear quartz, is that they grow with double terminations (points on both ends). This is not only aesthetically pleasing, it makes them in effect wands, because you can use them to send energy in two directions, or can make a circle (or loop) of energy around you or a space. While regular clear quartz does sometimes naturally grow with double terminations, its few and far between. ALL herkimers grow this way, some may have breakage and you might not see both terminations, but they all grow this way. They also have a shorter more squat appearance compared to double terminated regular quartz. Once you are familiar with herkimers they’re very easy to spot.

Herkimers are called “diamonds” because they are known for their crystal clear clarity and stunning rainbows. They are every bit as beautiful as genuine diamonds in my opinion. (Though I do love my diamonds as well!) Herkimer specimens can be quite pricey due to their beauty, as well as herkimer jewelry. The best of the best quality is used for faceted jewelry, and that’s hard to find and very expensive. You can find reasonably priced natural herkimers set in sterling silver (I try to always have some in stock for customers).

Remember, quartz magnifies, so wearing it with your other crystals will turbo boost the other stones metaphysical properties! I love wearing all quartz, but herks are my definite favorite of all!

Within herks, some have black carbon inclusions, some are smoky, some are skeletal, some have clay inclusions, some are enhydros (water bubble trapped inside) some are golden healers (yellow or golden in color) and some are huge clusters with multiple herkimers connected to one another. There is a herkimer for every taste and budget. If you dont have any yet I highly recommend adding one to your collection!

Herkimers are known to magnify or boost the properties of any other crystal. They are especially great to pair with the synergy 12 crystals we discussed last month. I, personally, love herkimer and moldavite together. Talk about a power combo!! 

Herkimers are ascension stones. Herkimers are great for helping with dream recall and lucid dreams, simply place under your pillow at night. Herks are amazing meditation tools. They help you to astral travel, to connect the astral plane to the physical plane. They help to purify your energy field. They promote creativity and insights. Herks boost your psychic powers, clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, telepathic abilities, channeling, and enhances communication with your spirit guides. Herkimers activate the third eye, crown and soul star chakras. And if all that wasn’t impressive enough, it also boosts your immune system and helps you to heal both physically and emotionally! Wow this is one impressive crystal! And since they are quartz you can even program them!! 

Ok, now that you are familiar with herkimers, lets talk about my trip!

Saturday was the first day of the gem show (it is two days long). We went the first day and got there early. It was herkimer heaven! Two huge buildings filled with vendors, and a bunch set up outside as well. They had crystals of every type, color and size. Just a total feast for the eyes! Of course I was mostly there for the herks but I love all crystals so I enjoyed looking at everything! We spent the day there and I found a few herks to add to my collection as well as a few for customers. The prices were decent. Not a steal by any means but reasonable and definitely less expensive than purchasing online or at crystal shops. It was a total blast going to the gem show!

The next day I was ready to go to a mine! There are a few mines you can choose from, but after speaking to a few sellers at the show, the Ace of Diamonds mine seemed to be the most recommended. So that’s where we went! You want to go prepared in old clothes and shoes, gloves, hat, eye wear and sunscreen. You can bring some garden tools, hammer, bucket, shovel and a pick. If you don’t have tools you can rent them in the gift shop. We got lucky with an overcast mildly rainy morning. We found a spot we liked and got started! If you look close in spots you can see little tiny sparkles in the dirt and rocks. The dirt is packed very hard with huge chunks of rock/matrix. It is quite a workout to get the stuff apart. About an hour in, we had quite a few tiny herks and some broken pieces of herkimers. Then a huge dump truck came and dumped a load of new rocks and dirt. I got on top (it was about 12 ft tall) and started digging around. I found some just lying there under a rock! It was so exciting when I found one! I also found a bunch of huge pieces of matrix with herks safely tucked inside, slightly peeking out enough for us to see it….but not enough to get it out! So we ended up loading my car up with a ton and a half of rocks to work on later at home lol. 

This trip was so much fun, and if you are ever able to go herkimer mining you should give it a try! You get to keep anything you find. Its only $10 to mine all day long and its so exciting digging for buried treasure! These are staying in my collection forever. I will always remember when I got to mine my own crystal babies! Thanks for reading and I hope you will come back next month! I also did a grid review this month that I hope you will check out too. 

Love and crystal blessings,

xoxo Retha





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