Book Review – Making Magic by Brianna Saussy

Book Review
Making Magic
Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary
by Brianna Saussy

With an eye made quiet by the power
Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
we see into the life of things”
-William Wordsworth-

This quote was a beautiful entry into a book that entices the reader to look more deeply at everything that surrounds them and recognize the potential for the magick held in every moment, in every experience and every interaction. Fourteen (14) Chapters are packed jam full with info, ideas and ritual to implement the focus. The prelude sets the tone of what we can expect…

…”Somewhere in the world right now there are people from every conceivable culture, walk of life, and set of experiences who all have one thing in common: they have remembered they are making magic. Are you ready to make it too?”…” We all have a deep capacity to make magic and to do it as easily as we breathe or open our eyes”…

I appreciate the freshness and candor of this introduction and its gentle demystifying of something many consider to mysterious, unreachable and requiring everything, yet not recognizing the single and only key ingredient-us! The Introduction ends with a familiar tale infused with magic and a promise. It’s entitled “Golden Locks and the Bear People”-go figure.

Chapter One prepares the reader to begin a journey of “Remember(ing) Your Magic”, and the call to return to the place of knowing and integrated wisdom that allowed a wild and natural magic to flow. Ms. Saussy uses the analogy of a wild animal. The experiences it endures and how it finds way to survive in a world that is not always welcoming…. “Magic moves through the wilderness of the soul soil of everyday life and experience”. Emphasis is placed on looking and listening to gather evidence and reveal the clues that as the author states will bring us back to making magic. The standard encouragement of journaling is part of the work here, always being the staple resource for any seeker knowledge of the sacred arts.

Two rituals are provided in each chapter as a way to deepen your practice and there is also the thoughtful addition of “Stepping Stones” that supports a more time-friendly alternative to keep the magic going. According to Ms. Saussy….Across time and culture the seeker’s journey is understood to be a spiral path…an apt description of the experience that our souls undergo in the search for truth and beauty … the experience of a growing wisdom, in consciousness, we never lose sight of the beginning, our starting point.”…

I love that this book was organized in a way that it holds the necessary theory required for a good foundation of building a magical practice, albeit, not in the usual set of semantics that prod the reader to think in only one way about what magic is and who uses it. The author clearly has an understanding based in a diverse practice of esoteric wisdom that spans cultures and beliefs beyond the Hermetic practitioner. This makes the material that much more useful and accessible by everyone.

Titles such as: Memory and Imagination (visualization); Finding the Doors (home protection/warding); Taking Your Time (time magic); Kith and Kin (ancestor magic) and more piqued the interest in exploring the magic of these crafts more deeply. The final chapter, entitled: Weaving the Worlds Back Together was a beautiful ending to this book. The weaving together of all of the experiences had in the preceding chapters is the guiding force of the ending. Remember that spiral that was spoken of in the beginning? Now, the reader is drawn to return to the beginning and acknowledge all that has come into their memory of their magic and in that weaving, something new is created. Wild, free and finally in tune with the magic of the world….

…” We move from seeking magic to finding it, from remembering it to making it and as the worlds are woven together, living it”…

In conclusion, the “Notes” section boasts a bibliography, organized by chapter, which provides the reader with lots of additional resources to continue the exploration and support coming into our natural gifts.

Making Magic” is a wonderful introduction to what magic can be in its simplicity and beauty. Often the statement is made that living a spiritual/magical life is a 24/7-365 endeavor. This book leads the reader into that space where magic and the mundane are fueled and informed by the other.

About Brianna:

Briana Saussy is a writer, teacher, spiritual counselor, and ritualist dedicated to the restoration and remembering of the sacred arts. She combines a practical and creative approach to spirituality that includes the riches of the perennial world religions, the contributions of modern psychology to the search for meaning, and the often-overlooked bodies of wisdom contained in folk magic, divination, and storytelling practices. Briana studied Eastern and Western classics, philosophy, mathematics, and science at St. John’s College (Annapolis and Santa Fe), and is a student of ancient Greek and Sanskrit

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Robin Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

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