Book Review – Numerology: Dancing the Spirals of Time by Elen Sentier

April 1st, 2019

Book Review
Dancing the Spirals of Time
by Elen Sentier

I do quite a bit of numerology as an enhancement to my magickal disciplines and I am always looking for a fresh perspective to inform and find the bridges of connection between multiple esoteric disciplines. Numerology: Dancing the Spirals of Time does just that in decoding the patterns and vibrations that are present universally.

The author uses a very tactile approach to learning and “feeling” the numbers and the geometric patterns they create. This process engages the reader from the onset and provides Ms. Sentier as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and British Shaman. I have had the opportunity to read two of her other books, Elen of the Ways and Following the Deer Trods (both from her Shamanic Pathways series) and much of the way in which she approaches numerology, reflects her work in the setting of the natural world, the Fibonacci patterning and the cycles that are vibrational and number based universally.

As Ms. Sentier states in her prologue…“ What I’m offering you here are the results of my sixty-odd years of work and play with numerology, what the numbers have shown me.”… So, from the start you know that the information provided has been tested and tried for some time of longevity and not just a hasty inquiry of minimum duration.

She approaches the systems of numbers as points of correlates within a framework of defining and reshaping the self. The push here is for the reader to recognize the connections that numbers have in telling the story of our role as part and parcel of a system that encompasses the Universal and Cosmic energies of which we are a part. According to Ms. Sentier…”Numbers are amazing, they make wonderful patterns and the work in pairs. Like the DNA double helix, they spiral in and spiral out showing us both evolution and involution… the patterns of life, and of time.”

Each chapter is organized in pairs of numbers, giving the characteristics and correlates for each providing the balance of theory and integration into your own style of learning and understanding the concepts. The author has you scribe the number, using that as a very tactile way of sensing the energy in the creation of that number. Very cool, idea! Ms. Sentier says to….”draw the 1 as a straight line…let the feeling flow into your body through your hand and arm. Don’t try to translate the feeling, just experience it.”

I particularly enjoyed the Working with your Numbers section. Samples and explanations of the numbers that are important in your own patterning are given enabling the reader to do the work of numerological reading for themselves. The grids are a bit complex but clear directions guide the way. In keeping with this highly experiential style, there are several exercises provided to allow you to kinesthetically connect with the numbers.

I thought Numerology: Dancing the Spirals of Time offered an opportunity to work with numbers in a very organic and universal way, but I would not consider this as an introductory book at all. That being said, I don’t believe that was the intention of Ms. Sentier in the least. Despite this, I do believe that this is a wonderful resource and exercise in being able to draw deeper conclusions beyond the superficial information we are usually privy to. Moving through the pages and information of this book requires that you look and feel with all of your being and not simply accept at face value what is being written. And, in this Ms. Sentier scores a home run!

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About the Author:

Robin Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

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