Finding Your Own Way

Chapter 10

Seeking Our Inner Child

In a world that has become very materialistic and stressful, many of us love to escape to childhood by watching one of the many fantasy films that are now so popular. For a little while, we can be transported back to a world of childish delight, as disbelief is suspended. That child still lives inside us and has much to offer. In that world of dragons and knights, of elves and faeries, lies a gateway to increased optimism and energy. We can learn to see the world in a fresh new light. Life is truly an adventure if we choose to see it as one.

It is a two-way process. By getting in touch with our inner child, we can unlock a source of creativity and enthusiasm, and learn to see the world as a place of fun and excitement again. We also bring the wisdom gathered from experience to bear, on previously unexamined, childhood beliefs. By doing this we can face old fears and forgotten assumptions that are holding us back in our efforts to build a happy and successful life.

Simply take a few breaths and relax, read the poem and take some time to gaze at the artwork. Then let any sensations or images flow through your mind without judgement. If you wish, then continue the exercise with one of the meditations.

I Remember Me

I remember me,
Suddenly, as plain as plain can be,
I see the world as clear as childlike eyes can see,
and I am young again.

Once more. I see the world is fresh and new,
and filled with wonder and amazing things to do.
Spider webs that sparkle with the sunlit dew,
and I am young again.
The colours of the garden fill my eyes,
Cool green grass, the warm sun flashing rainbows in my eyes,
The fluffy clouds that drift across the pale blue skies,
and I am young again.

What shall I do with this; – my rediscovered youth,
Shall I find a net and hunt for butterflies or newts,
Or shall I sit here in my quiet place, – it matters not,
for I am young again.

I remember me,
And all I ever was is here; – All in life that I held dear,
All that I have ever shared in love has never left,
And I can see it now,
And I am young again.


About the Author:

Patrick W Kavanagh, Featuring the inspirational art of Bill Oliver

Writer, poet, Patrick W Kavanagh was born in Dublin and now lives and works in Lincolnshire in a small rural town. Patrick became fascinated by the strange abilities of the human mind from watching his mother give psychic readings using tea-leaves and playing cards. With a lifelong interest in metaphysics and parapsychology, he has given tarot and spirit readings for over 40 years. He travels to many events with his wife Tina, exploring the power of shamanic drumming to heal, and induce therapeutic trance states. They also hold a regular drumming circle in the picturesque Lincolnshire Wolds.

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