Kate Howe, The CT Medium, Offers Messages from Beyond the Veil

There’s nothing spooky or eerie about the group reading, but then, I’ve gone to these before, and, full disclosure, I’m a witch – I scare people, I don’t scare easily.

The room has a sense of softness to it, with cotton-ball clouds hanging from the ceiling, tulle covering overhead fluorescent fixtures, fairy lights and sheer curtains hanging in the windows, and angels – sometimes just their wings – everywhere. A cross hangs on one wall, a colorful picture titled “Chakra” on another. In one corner is an ancestor altar.

Although Kate Howe had arranged two rows of chairs at the far end of the room for a two-hour Heavenly Connections Gallery Event, we seven women who showed up settled into the cozy fabric furniture nearer the door, supplemented with relocated folding chairs.

Howe smudged the space, swirling a smoldering bundle of sage around the room and followed that by striking a chime several times, allowing its vibrations to further cleanse the room.

“I do energy work as I talk to you, FYI, so you might leave here with a headache, you might leave here feeling really tired. It’s because I’m moving some energy around as I connect with you,” Howe said.

“I am a medium – from the day I was born. My mother would always pull out the medium in me as a child. Everybody else thought I was weird. I would talk to trees; I would talk to imaginary friends; I would speak in different dialects and my mother always nurtured that in me. My mother always said, ‘Oh, it’s just Kate talking to her angels.’ And my dad, who was very much on the other side of his brain, is, ‘You can’t tell her that.’ As a businessman, he says, ‘You can’t tell her that’s OK. People are going to think she’s crazy,’” she said as she seemed to tower above us seated in something of a circle with a wide opening for her to move about, in and out as she pleased.

“When I was 21, my mother passed away from lymphoma, and I was in a very difficult place, spiritually. I didn’t know what it meant to lose a parent. I didn’t know what it meant to lose anybody … and it being my mom really tripped up my emotions, my mind, my anger, my sadness.

“She came clearly to me one day in her garden. I was … so upset she was gone, I got down on my knees and I screamed at the top of my lungs, ‘Why did you go?’ And I clearly felt her stand right in front of me and she said, ‘You may never know the answer to that question, but please know your pain can be channeled in a different way than falling to your knees and screaming.’

“And I said, ‘Well that’s what I want to do.’ She said, ‘You absolutely have the right to do that, but I also know your pain can be channeled into something beautiful, too.’ I said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ She said, ‘Give me time.’

“So I ended up going to a medium named Patti Sinclair. She’s out of Norfolk, Connecticut. I was supposed to see a shaman that day, because before my mother died, my mother set my dad up with a spiritual adviser to help him get through her passing. So he went to this person a few times and he’s like, ‘Kate, I really think you could use some of this guy’s healing. He really seems to help.’ I’m like, ‘OK, whatever.’”

Instead of the shaman, Sinclair was there. Howe and her father came without knowing there was a change, and decided to meet with her instead.

“She looked right at me as we walked in and said, ‘Your mother has sent me here to be your spiritual mother here on earth,’” Howe said, adding that Sinclair became her mentor “and helped me understand what I’d been getting my whole life.”

Explaining how she works, Howe said, “Every healer brings their messages a little bit differently. I am a little disorganized in the way I go, so just bear with me. There are times where I’m halfway through something and I’m on to something else. They tend to talk to me through a lot of numbers, through a lot of symbols. Symbolism is huge as a medium because that’s how you talk. A lot of people think you just have a conversation. … It’s not like that. It’s like, ‘You need to tell my daughter that I’m going to be with her in that courtroom.’ Except it isn’t words. It’s a vibration, a symbol. They might show me the courthouse. They show me my female symbol in that courthouse. And then they’ll go, ‘Oh, it’s the daughter, not the mother.’ So they show me a lot of different ways to get that one message, but it’s not necessarily through words. And so keep your mind open as I’m trying to connect.”

With that, she closed her eyes for a moment, one arm across her midsection, the other touching her chin. Then approached one of the women and said, “Who’s the M initial? It’s either Martha, Marie, Mary, Mark. Might be somebody down here, might be someone in heaven. I just feel there’s an M who is really trying to step forward for you.”

Michael was this woman’s grandfather.

Howe noted he would be bringing in everyone else’s energy, then asked, “Is there a Robert, Randy, Rebecca who’s connected to you?”

Robert was her brother.

Talking quickly, sometimes using her hands, she described the images she was seeing.

“What’s the connection to the number two for you? This could be the month of February. This could be the second of the month. It could be two children. I’m just seeing two all over you.”

The number was significant with her brother’s birth and passing.

“He’s stepping forward. What’s the connection to Florida for you? For him? Who’s down there right now? Who’s going down there?,” Howe fired off in rapid succession.

“It’s where he just came back from,” the woman acknowledged.

Howe shared some information and then asked, “Did he have a dog?”

Tears formed as she replied, “I’m going to get the dog.”

After explaining the connection between her brother and the dog, Howe asked, “Who’s the teacher in the family who does something at the school?”

There was no such connection.

“Any connection to California? To Morgan? No, that’s all right. I’m seeing the teacher symbol pop up. I’m trying to figure out why so many rulers are popping up.”

“Who’s Frank? Francis? The number 6? The month of June?”

“Frank was his best friend.”

“Why is he showing me lots of mysteries around his passing? Why are there question marks?”

“Because there are lots of questions,” the woman replied. “He came back to us from Florida. He had been sick.”

After providing some spiritual counseling, Howe asked, “Is somebody named after their dad? Named after their grandfather? This is a male. Does this make sense for anyone? No? Why am I seeing that? Somebody play the piano or do something with keys?”

Getting no response, she said, “OK, I’m going to let that go back up.” After making more connections and dispensing more bits of information, Howe circled back, saying, “Someone is talking about your son right now. I’m really stuck on this namesake right now.”

Turns out it was not the woman she was facing, but the woman in the corner whose brother was named after his father and whose son was named after her husband.

An obituary, a mother-in-law who just passed, cupcakes signaling a celebration and being a control freak were among the subjects that surfaced as Howe described the images she saw, often thanking those who sent them.

“Do you have a dog that just crossed,” she asked a woman.

“My god,” came the reply. It was a 13-year-old Great Dane.

“Who’s G?”

“Gigi is what my boys used to call my grandmother.”

“What’s the Jeep connection to you?”

“I’ve always wanted one.”

Some images appear to connect with no one.

“I’m just seeing it. I was always told to say what I see,” Howe said, moving on with, “Was someone blind at the end of their life and could not see? Something with the eye not working?”

It was a father who had side effects from medications following a kidney transplant.

Questions, responses and information flowed.

“Why is someone showing me frogs all over the place? Is there any connection to either New York or Broadway?”

“Jesus! My youngest son is convinced he’s going to be on Broadway and he’s going to be a big star. He’s 13 right now,” one woman said.

“So, just know that the other side might be laughing with you … but anything can happen. It’s just important to know that the other side sees little things that are happening in our life, big things that are happening in our life,” Howe said.

Cautioning attendees that when someone who’s crossed weighs in on a subject, it’s important to know it’s merely their opinion, she continued with, “I’m still on the teacher thing. I feel like someone is inside the school.”

From the other side of the room a woman spoke up, “I’m a teacher.”

Turning around, Howe asked her, “Who passed very young? A young soul is standing very near you. Is there a T name?”

When the answer was no, she said, “That’s all right. I’m just seeing this little person here.”

A woman to the left said, “Teresa is my twin and she lost a child.”

“I’m just in the wrong area,” Howe said.

“Was this baby a boy?”

The answer was affirmative, leading Howe to share a piece of her life.

“I lost a child at six months pregnant, and I know for a fact there’s a reason that she showed up. I know it. I don’t try to find the answers. Some days it feels like it might be coming a little closer, but I find the beauty around the situation and around the experience. One thing I learned is it brought my husband and I closer in a way that never would have bonded us had this not happened. … There’s always a silver lining. I feel like she may need to hear that.”

The “scheduler” turned out to be a nurse. A grandmother who indicated she died of a stroke wanted her granddaughter to know she sends a red cardinal every day as a sign. The session continues. Howe is compassionate and kind. For the most part, everyone remains silent but keenly attuned. Someone understood the bubble wrap reference, but no one claimed the “Price is Right” connection.

“Does your grandmother have a child up there with her now? [‘Yes.’] They’re both coming in together. Do you go to a cemetery often? I feel like I’m seeing cemeteries,” Howe asked a woman.

“I just stopped by my grandmother’s cemetery. I was just driving by and realized ‘this is her cemetery,’” said the woman, adding that she stopped to pay her respects.

“She sees that you went. Is there any connection to St. Patrick’s Day?”

“St. Patrick’s is her cemetery.”

Hearing that, I felt prickles of energy touching my skin– something that happened several times that night.

Then Howe turned to me.

“Is your mom in spirit?”

She is.

“Did you take care of her?”

I didn’t think I did much at all, and I certainly wasn’t there as often as I wish I had been.

“Do you have a sister who’s here?”


“Who’s N?”

My daughter, Natasha.

“Who’s like the Irish twins? Whose birthdays fall right on top of each other?”

My sister and I were born on the same day two years apart.

She told me twos and hawks that sometimes swoop very close to my car are both symbols from my mother. I see both often. Howe correctly noted I was channeling fear when it came to my freedom – it’s a long story – and that the umbrella was a significant symbol for me.

“I feel like it’s important for you to know that mom is acknowledging that this is the right time,” Howe said, adding my mother is glad I stopped saying, “one more year” before retiring.

“Are you and your sister going on a big trip? … I feel like you need to get up and out.”

My sister is packing to move to a new home 125 miles away at the same time I’m packing to move 175 miles before becoming a wandering witch on wheels in an old bus converted to an RV.

“There’s a male standing next to her. Does she have a brother who’s with her? I feel like there’s a very, very strong male energy standing next to her.”

Not until I transcribed my recording of the session did I remember my mother had a much older half brother who died when I was very young.

“Do you connect with Archangel Michael? Do you talk with him often?”

Yes and not lately.

“I feel like he might be sending you a lot of symbols about your next steps, about what to do next. … Any connection to Vermont or New Hampshire?”

I’m moving to New Hampshire.

Assuring me I’ll find the higher altitude to be energetically quieter, Howe went on to tell me the lion and the cheetah are both going to be my power animals to help me be fierce and learn to rule in my world.

“Is there a brook or a little creek or something that’s very close to this house or somewhere you go often?”

There’s a brook in front of my parking space at the condo, and another on the farm where I will soon be living.

After some advice to rekindle a practice I had let fall along the wayside some years ago, she asked me who I knew who was obsessed with some old cars – my ex – and that something was leaking in my house.

“I’m seeing drop … drop.”

It’s my bathtub. It’s been dripping for more than a year.

The evening continued with Howe giving each woman validation through names, events and meaningful messages channeled from loved ones on the other side – confirming their presence in our everyday lives.

When someone was moved to tears, she handed over a box of tissues saying, “It’s part of my job description. I make people cry.”

Among the advice she offered was, “Call in your angels. We forget that we have these beautiful beings that aren’t our grandmothers, or our moms or dads, but these angels who’ve known us our entire soul life, so for thousands of lifetimes that they’ve known us. They’re so underused.”

Howe is passionate about using her abilities to help others. She offers a variety of classes, various types of readings and spiritual life coaching.

“I’m just helping to bridge a connection we all have, helping to put language to it. I like people to leave knowing they don’t have to come to someone like me all the time to get validation that their loved ones are a part of their daily lives because we all have this beautiful connection innately within our souls,” said Howe, a resident of Salem, Connecticut who opened her office in Canton, Connecticut about two years ago.

She urges those who may be experiencing an inner knowingness, mediumship, healing or other form of psychic awareness to acknowledge their gift.

“What’s hard about being an empath,” Howe said, “is sometimes you know things you don’t want to know. So, learning how to deal with those kinds of intuitive hits can be very tricky. The best thing is to just honor that it’s happening and you can ask the other side for a boundary. I do that very often. I walk into crowds at a store or if I’m going out to a movie theater or a concert, before I leave my house I make it very clear to them that I am there for pleasure and that they need to be quiet.

“Your wall isn’t going to stop you from being psychic, it’s just for that moment. … It’s about putting up that boundary and being comfortable enough with your guides and being trusting enough with your guides, that barrier will come back down when you need it to.”

She also suggested calling on Archangel Michael for protection in that kind of situation.

“I feel like a lot of empaths are just aren’t confident in what they get. They might be getting lots of hits and they don’t even know that they’re getting them, or they’re getting them and they’re very confused about what they’re getting,” Howe said.

“Symbolism is so huge in spirit, but it’s different for everybody.”

It requires putting a language to the images, words and feelings you’re getting. To work with your guides to come to build an inventory of symbols.

“That makes you feel less crazy,” she said, adding, “That’s going to be your language to heaven. That’s going to be how you’re going to talk to them.”

Understanding your gift requires having an ongoing conversation with yourself and your guides. Despite what you are seeing or feeling, you need confidence that you’re not making it up, and that you’ll know when to share the information and when to remain silent.

For example, if you get a vision of someone getting into a car accident, it may not mean it happens in the physical world – it may mean the person is headed in the wrong direction and is in for a rude awakening. It may mean the person is crashing energetically.

“There’s a whole lot to just one symbol. That’s why defining your symbols is important, and not being afraid to see them is important.”

Using a skeleton as an example, she said that when she sees one, it means someone has a secret.

Only if she feels guided to will she share information that was not requested.

To develop a relationship with the information you’re being given, to better understand your gift, Howe said, “It’s just a lot of conversations with your guides and your intuition and your symbols.”

The CT Medium is located in Unionville, CT. Heavenly Connections Gallery Events are held the first Friday of the month from 7-9 p.m. For more information visit thectmedium.com or call 860-924-4639.

** A large portion of this story was written for Valley LIFE and is reprinted with permission.


About the Author:

Lynn Woike was 50 – divorced and living on her own for the first time – before she consciously began practicing as a self taught solitary witch. She draws on an eclectic mix of old ways she has studied – from her Sicilian and Germanic heritage to Zen and astrology, the fae, Buddhism, Celtic, the Kabbalah, Norse and Native American – pulling from each as she is guided. She practices yoga, reads Tarot and uses Reiki. From the time she was little, she has loved stories, making her job as the editor of two monthly newspapers seem less than the work it is because of the stories she gets to tell. She lives with her large white cat, Pyewacket, in central Connecticut. You can follow her boards on Pinterest, and write to her at woikelynn at gmail dot com.