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I Bought Crystals…Now How Do I Work With Them?

This month instead of focusing on specific stones I thought it would be helpful to some to have a rundown of how to work with & maximize the properties of your crystals once you get them in your hands.

There are many ways to use your crystal friends and I hope this will inspire you to try working with your stones in a new way! Read on to learn more!

Wear Them:

I have a particular fondness for this method of use. I mostly sell jewelry because I truly think it’s the easiest way to work with crystals. Having them on your skin and keeping them on for long stretches of time is such a potent dose of their medicine.

Furthermore, you can chose the pieces you want based on where on your body they will touch. If you wanted a heart chakra stone for example, wearing it as a pendant would be most effective, and having the length of chain that would make it lay closest to your actually heart chakra is the best placement of all.

Make sure when shopping for crystal jewelry that the back of the setting is open to allow contact with your skin. If you are new to crystals, starting with jewelry is an easy and beautiful place to start your crystal journey. 


If you are already meditating, adding crystals to the experience can really enhance your practice & take you to new levels. You can use crystals before (using a third eye or crown chakra stone to tap into the higher realms), during (held in your hands, or placed around/on your body if you are laying down) or after meditation (holding a grounding stone to help calm and center yourself). I like to use them in all three ways just mentioned. I always use crystals when I meditate. I find it helps me to connect to the earth and to the divine. I highly recommend you give it a try!

Crystal Healing: 

This can sound intimidating, or like you need a certification to do this, but that is not the case. You can most definitely practice self-healing on yourself at home. It is definitely an art and will take some research to determine which crystals are best suited to your needs, but it can be as simple as laying quietly with the crystal placed strategically where you need the medicine. This is crystal healing in its simplest form. Of course if you want to experience crystal healing at its most advanced, seeking a professional is recommended. There are many types of professional crystal healers. Some work with just stones, others incorporate singing bowls or Reiki as well. Whether you want to try healing on yourself or work with someone with experience, I hope you will give it a try. Being an all natural remedy it can only help! You have nothing to lose by trying it. 

Sleeping With Your Crystals:

We spend about a third of our lives in our beds asleep (hopefully), so utilizing this time by getting some crystal exposure is a great practice to get into. You have multiple options here, you could place your crystal under your pillow, you could place them on your nightstand, or all around your bedroom. You could also place them underneath your bed.

The way I prefer most is to fall asleep holding my crystal in my hand. Just be careful not to drop it off the bed if you have hardwood floors like I do! You don’t want to break your tools. I recommend choosing calming stones for sleeping with. Some quartz (esp. clear quartz) can be over stimulating in the bedroom. 


Gridding is taking your crystals and making a grid or pattern either on a table or a pre-made grid (you can find them in wood, fabric, acrylic, glass, etc) and programming the crystals for a specific intention.

Most grids have sacred geometry patterns on them (flower of life, seed of life), but you can use any design or pattern that you prefer. It’s good to place the grids in an area of your home that correlates with the theme of the grid. A love grid would be great in your bedroom. A protection grid would be great inside your front door.

When gridding it’s best to use quartz in the center (I prefer a generator or pyramid). The process of setting up and charging your grid can be very relaxing and even a type of meditation. Gridding is a big topic so if you are interested in gridding it’s great to watch a video (you can find lots on YouTube) or get a book about gridding. 

Medicine Bag:

This is something I enjoy immensely. I like to have a good selection of different crystals on hand if I need or want a crystal while I’m away from home. I have many cute bags and pouches and I will fill them with my crystal needs. I have one I keep in my car with my everyday essentials and then I have a bag that I switch out the crystals daily. Each morning I will look through my stones and just grab the ones I feel drawn to. This is a great way to get to know your crystals. Travel medicine bags are also a great idea. Fill your bag with stones for safe travel, protection, etc for when you are going on a trip. You can also add crystals to any mojo or gris gris bags to add extra energy and medicine to them.

I also like to make an intention box each new year to set my yearly theme and intentions. Adding my crystals to the box is my favorite part. Select and charge the stones that will support your goals and dreams for the year. 

In Potions, Oils, and the Bath:

There are many ways to use stones in your perfumes or beauty products. You can add small chipstones into essential oil blends by placing them in the jar you store them. You can add small tumbles in sugar or salt scrubs, bath salts, etc. You can also place chip stones or tumbles in any premade products like face cream, lotions, etc to infuse the crystals properties into the product. Mookaite is a perfect stone to add to any beauty products as it is the youthfulness & beauty stone. Another thing you can do is add your crystals directly into the bathtub with you. Be cautious when choosing stones for any of these uses as certain crystals can disintegrate in water or liquids. Quartz is your best bet as it’s water safe. Another great addition to the bath is a nice hunk of Himalayan salt. It will dissolve as you run your bath. Salt baths are so cleansing & purifying. One other thing I want to mention since it’s used in the bathroom are jade face rollers to reduce water retention and puffiness. You just roll it across your face outward toward your hairline and I like to do this after I apply face serums or moisturizers. I also like jade facial stones that are flat and you use in the same way. 

Gemstone Powders:

You can also add powdered gems that you either purchase powdered or you can use a mortar and pestle to grind yourself. Ground mica is a common ingredient in eye shadow & even nail polish. You can use powdered gems in paint to infuse the crystals properties into your artwork, craft projects or even house paint! Ground selenite is a great one for clearing. Use caution and do your research when grinding any gemstone as some can be toxic when inhaled. 

Gemstone Charged Drinking Water or Elixers:

This is done in two very different ways. You can use the direct method, or the indirect method. The direct method requires extreme caution as it involves putting crystals directly into the water you drink. Quartz and shungite are the most popular for this method. You MUST do your research when using the direct method as some crystals are toxic when ingested and some will disintegrate in liquid. Please use caution if interested in this. The safer way is the indirect method and this can be done by simply placing crystals all around the outside of the container holding your drinking water, or you can even purchase special made containers that have an inner chamber to hold the crystals. The crystals charge the water through the glass without needing to come in contact with the actual liquid. This gives you many more options of what stones you can use and eliminates the safety concerns. The direct method is of course more potent but you can get the same results by using the indirect method and letting the water charge for a longer period before consumption. You can also use gem water to water your plants, wash your face or make beauty products!

Feng Shui:

Feng shui utilizes crystals in the home and Feng Shui uses something called the bagua map, which basically maps out your home and shows you where to place things for specific parts of your life. (Financial, love, etc) You can follow the bagua map for guidance in where to place your crystals for whatever your intentions are. This will bring in good chi energy to your home & all areas of your life. 

I hope this helps you to explore some new ways of connecting and working with your crystals. Any and all of these practices will allow you the chance to get to know what works best for you and you can then tailor it to fit your needs. Crystals get stronger the more you work with them, so if nothing else just hold them when you’re sitting around watching tv or reading. Having your energy mix and mingle with your crystals energy is going to help build a connection and the crystal can then better serve you. Crystals are working tools and can be used in magical work as well. If you are interested in learning more about that I recommend my article from June 2018 about the different crystal shapes and how to work with them. I hope you all have a fabulous April and thank you for taking the time to read! 

Crystal Blessings!!


About the Author:

Retha N. Lent has been married for 17 years to her husband Mark & they have four cats that are their life. She lives in Norristown, Pa. Retha has her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Behavioral Counseling Sciences from Drexel University. She is the owner of “Retha’s Crystals” & sells sterling silver unique crystal jewelry & specimens on her FB business page. She has a FB group for her customers and those interested in learning more about crystals & all things magical called “Retha’s Crystal Circle“. She is also an advisor in the Sage Goddess Affiliate Program. She has her Holistic Healing Certificate and Pillars of Priestessing certificates from Sage Goddess. She is also an Ordained Pagan Minister from the Universal Life Church. Retha has a passion for crystals, nature, astrology, working with moon cycles, ritual practices, tarot and oracle cards, runes, essential oils, herbs, manifestation work, ancient cultures, magic & music. Her favorite place is New Orleans, La. Retha has an extensive personal crystal collection and loves sharing her love of crystals with the world. She has been a practicing pagan since she was 16 years old. 

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