Book Review – Magickal Astrology: Use the Power of the Planets to Create an Enchanted Life by Skye Alexander

Book Review
Magickal Astrology
Use the Power of the Planets to Create an Enchanted Life
by Skye Alexander

Skye Alexander has been an author I have followed for several years now. She is a practitioner of magick and has a depth of understanding of astrology that fuses the basics of that discipline with practical magickal application. Magickal Astrology: Use the Power of the Planets to Create an Enchanted Life is the latest addition to her impressive collection of writings.

….”Astrology and magick serve as links between universal forces and earthly experience. Like myth, meditation and music, they provide windows through which we can glimpse the Divine and see its hand shaping the manifest world.”….

Ms. Alexander has thoughtfully gathered the information into thirteen (13) chapters, each providing a bit more information to offer the reader the foundations of astrological knowledge and magickal practice to create an interwoven process containing all of the key points necessary for astrological magick.

Each chapter is filled with “more than” the usual attributes and definitions of astrological fundamentals. The reader is treated to a palette of corresponding resonance to chakras, operative magick, music correlates and the systems of magickal alphabets. I particularly enjoyed the overlays of these other components in providing the larger message of exemplifying how each of the disciplines we often consider to be stand alones, inform and are dependent upon one another to gain the deeper insight into the “mysteries”.

Chapter Ten: Astro-Magickal Symbols was one of my favorite readings. Ms. Alexander reinforced the concept that symbology serves as an organic and living energy that infuses our work, both in the mundane and the magickal. Here she touches on not only the glyphs associated with astrological and magickal work, but also the use of magic squares and numerology for the creation of sigils that further deepen the intention and enhance the desired outcome.

Chapter Thirteen: Timing Magick Work is a fitting conclusion, building to the climax of information presented and putting the finishing touch on “how to”. Understanding the differing energies of the days of the week and narrowing down even further to the planetary hours cycled through each day, provide the reader with a map for ensuring that the maximum potency of everything working together as a whole will deliver all that the universe has to offer as support and ally to your work.

The glossary at the end of the book is a handy reference tool, very much in support of this book being an excellent read for the beginner student. Everything needed for a successful practice incorporating astrology into your magick or magick into your practice of astrology is contained in this small, yet mighty book.

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