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Bright Blessings!

My beautiful editor Jennifer sent me a gorgeous wand from Woodland Wand Creation to review.

First let me say, I am a rare witch. I do not use wands to cast! I occasionally use my athame, but other than that, I use my hands.

I have often admired pretty wands in shops and online, but I have never bought one. I am a minimalist sort of witch! I use few tools for magical working, and I save a lot of money on candles, as I just buy white tealights and consecrate them as needed.

But in reviewing this item, and taking it for a “test run”, I can see why so many people love wands!

This wand has a nice size piece of quartz at the tip, and I believe lace agate around it, with a beautiful piece of lace, too! They picked the perfect wand for me, as I am crazy about lace, and quartz! The handle is smooth and a beautiful, unpainted, natural piece of wood, which I love. They went farther and affixed a pretty leather cord with leaf charms hanging at the end.

I honestly thought the strands would get tangled, but they sure didn’t, and the leather has a nice curl to it, as well.

It has a nice weight. Not to light, not too heavy, and it’s just the right length, also.

They included a bag of their Trinity Salt to bless the wand. I followed their written instructions, and stepped onto my garden patio to do some banishing pentagrams after blessing the wand. The energy flowed seamlessly from hand to wand, and I was going to just review having done that, but then my little dog ran out and started barking at a neighbor who was just over the patio fence. I aimed the wand at the dog, and sent some “Be Quiet!” energy to her. It worked! For about a minute! But it worked!

I can now say I have used a wand, and I liked it.

I recommend this shop and their handmade wands. You will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable their merchandise is, and you will also be happy with the variety they have to offer.

About the shop- it is run by Burt, who is “the engine” and Reanna, who is the artist. She uses natural and reclaimed items to make her wands, and blesses them herself. And works with the light of the moon. These are extra special because no two wands are the same! Just like us witches, each wand is special and unique! You will be sure to find a wand that is suited just for you!

Buy your Woodland Wand Creation today!

Blessed Be!

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