The Bad Witch’s Guide

What is a Familiar?

A familiar is a spirit. This idea came into being in the Middle Ages that witches could create and summon unseen creatures that could take on various animals forms to spy on, to steal things and curse. Cunning Folk had familiars too. Though they were seen as benevolent. Some kept injured or unusual animals to help “sell” this idea to their customers.

To some modern witches a familiar is their pet animal that does magick with them. In modern terms a true familiar would be more like astral projection or making a Fetch or Thought-Form. While it can be pleasant to work with your pets they may not have the mental capacity, desire or inclination to do your work in the astral or etheric plane.

(artist Merysa O’Malley-Local)

Further more familiars are at best beloved servants, at worst slaves to the magicians will. This is not something I am comfortable with. I don’t particularly like the summoning (rude much) of spirit in general and certainly wouldn’t want to do that to a pet.

Some of my pets were quite magickally inclined, others were not…how do I say this… dumber than a box of wet hair?

If I need to do something on a different plane I am quite able to journey their myself. If I need someone, or something to do something specific in my absence I can and have created Fetch’s to do so.

How to make a Familiar (Thought-Form)

This creation can be made alone or in a group. It must have a very precise parameters.

An example might be a house Guardian. A creature to Protect, Empower, Deflect, Inform. The idea being they are there to protect the place (and those within it), help maintain other protective wards, send back any unwanted or harmful energy and let me know if someone or something has tried to come in.

I could if I had thought it through better used those initials as the Guardians name. You shouldn’t use God or Goddess names as it is disrespectful and likely to mean it starts behaving in unexpected ways.

Now you can draw or imagine this being fully. Their gender/s, physical shape size and so on. You should also add in how long you wish them to be. So you can say for seven days, for as long as we shall live here or whatever you need.
Then you name them, Idep as an example.

“Idep is as strong as a Bull
As wise as a Sage,
As fierce as Hound
Gentle as a sigh
Nothing escapes his Vigilant Eyes.”

You can chant this over a symbol, or statue. Once it has be “made” or awoken it is important to feed and respect this being. Flowers, incense and a little milk at full moon would be excellent offerings.