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The Magic of Intention Setting

We’ve all heard the old adage ‘A goal not written is only a Dream’. Now, personally I have nothing against dreaming.

In fact as a Creator I spend much of my time unabashedly day dreaming but there are times when putting pen to paper can have a dramatic effect.

Many of you maybe familiar with the book called The Secret. As a quick synopsis The Secret is based on the power of positive thinking, a pseudo-scientific theory called the ‘Law of Attraction’, where the principle is that like attracts like.

The reason I mention this book is that setting intentions has a part to play in manifesting the Law of Attraction, or simply put, the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

Naturally then, if there really is a cause and effect by what we think, then we would want to focus on all the positive therefore creating more positive in our life.

Now you might be thinking this is all hogwash and poppycock but we’ve all met people who are consistently lucky, whatever they touch turns to gold, they may fall down time and time again but they come up smelling of roses, the further they fall the higher they rise, right?

And then, we have the donkey Eeyores (You know Donkey Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh) well they always seem to have the worst of fortunes, a little rain cloud follows them wherever they go. Maybe, just maybe all it takes is a slight change in mindset.

So this brings me back to setting intentions. An intention is an outcome that we would like to see in our lives.

Personally, I dedicate time every month to set intentions. It could be one intent or many, the important thing is to pinpoint exactly what you’d like to see.

Because I tune in to the energies around me, the logical time that feels right for me to do this is on a New Moon. The New Moon brings a sense of a clean slate and a perfect time to start over.

However, every day and even within a day, each moment is a new start, so follow whatever feels right to you. There is no wrong way to do this.

Then I write down what my wishes are. Some examples are to see more abundance in life or good health. Maybe its focused on attributes you are working on, or more love in your life. The list is endless. From the smallest of desires to the largest. To us we may think it’s too big a wish but to the Universe big or small it’s all the same.

My personal beliefs, wild and wacky as they may be, and I fully appreciate that this may or may not resonate with others but here goes! I postulate that this is a free will Universe. I believe in other Universes that are run entirely differently, however…

On this Planet Earth, Free will is respected and with that the Universe must honour that law; Unless you ask verbally through intention and spoken word, mindfully through meditation, thoughts or dreaming or physically written then gifts may be delayed in manifesting until asked for by you.

As someone who likes to journal I thoroughly enjoy the process of writing my intentions down.

The very act of writing, of putting thought into written word is an alchemic act. Focused thought becomes an action at that moment. From the brain through the heart and out of the hands and then the magic happens!

Now I am not saying that if your intent is to win the lottery all you have to do is write it down and BAM you are suddenly a millionaire (although I am working on this and as soon as I perfected it I’ll share how its done and if any of you figure this out before I do then I’m all ears and please come write a blog post for us 😉

There may be some caveats to this as I believe any intention set has to be in your true alignment, sometimes what we think we want might not bring us to our highest potential. So when setting intentions feel it with your heart, you will come to recognize if it truly is for you.

Much of the time now I actually use that knowledge to set my intention..so my intention would be.. I intend to reach my highest potential and release all that stands in my way and then I watch as the world around me changes, which it does frequently.

So the simple steps I take are

1) Pinpoint what I want

2) Ask for the Universe to make it happen

3) Final and most important step, know that it will be so, put your trust in the process. So Mote it Be. Incredibly powerful words.

On a final note, the Universe has a very mischievous sense of humour so be specific in your asking! To give you an example, I have a love of learning, especially anything to do with physic abilities, knowledge on other dimensions etc etc and I sent out the intention with my words being “I want to expand in all ways” They, it, the Universe, whatever feels comfortable in how you relate to something bigger than ourselves, truly did assist in my expansion by shifting me up a full dress size..hilarious right! Naughty, naughty Universe! That wasn’t what I had meant at all!

For those that are advanced in the ways of intention setting or for those that are absolute novice, I’m here to support you and have left me contact information in the Bio. ..Remember your success sends out ripples and therefore your success is all of our success.

Much love and Blessings, 



About the Author:

As a child Avalon was very aware of other dimensions of realities, seeing Spirits, having vivid dreams, given messages, warnings, promptings. Very intuitive and it all felt very natural and normal to her. 

Raised in the UK, she lived in England, Ireland and Scotland and traveled to Wales on many occasions. Her family were extremists in their Religious beliefs and she was introduced to her husband to be when she was merely 15. Avalon not wanting to disappoint family remained in that faith until she requested excommunication at age 25.

In June 2015 Avalon had an awakening experience that forever changed her..all the psychic gifts that had been put aside as she dealt with the stresses and strains of ‘real life’ came back with greater intensity. She had a thirst for knowledge like never before. Anything to do with the metaphysical and she would drink it in and study for hours and hours. Crystals, Chakra’s, meditation, theories on the multiverse, time, time lines, energy.

During this time she connected with some of the Mabigonian Deities, In particular Blodeuwedd. This path came to her, rather than her seeking it, but as she studied she began to understand that her experiences were very much a Pagan path.

Avalon practices as a Solitary Witch and is an active advocate of the Pagan Path and the rising of the Divine Feminine and Goddess within.

Creator and co owner of Aurora and Avalon Creations a Pagan based planner shop.

Avalon can be contacted at instagram.com/ThePaganPlanner

And her shop link is www.etsy.com/ca/shop/AuroraandAvalon

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