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The Bad Witch’s Guide

No-One’s God is “Wrong”
Or “My Goddess is More True Than Yours”

(Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash)

I am not going to be naming and shaming but I read a blog this week that caught my ire. It stuck in my teeth and I chewed it and chewed it trying to figure out exactly why it pissed me off so much.

This person decided to “speak for her Goddess” (really?) about how “wrong” everyone was about her quite popular Deity.

This sort of stuff is very bad for my blood pressure so I’ll be brief. The main cut and thrust of her “argument” was that deep in the annals of time this Goddess was worshiped in a different way and with different aspects than she is commonly worshiped today.

That her Goddess was the “true” Goddess, the pure, ancient version and therefore correct. That she was the original and everything else was later and “wrong”. In fact HOW DARE YOU. I SPEAK FOR HECATE. I AM ALL KNOWING AND I AM RIGHT.

My teacher was a Hecatite witch. I have a deep affection for this Goddess. In fact I seem to collect Hecate devotes as friends as I can think of three off the top of my head. Everyone of those people has a different interpretation, relationship and practice.

Not one of them is wrong.

There is are reasons for that. No-one worships as we did in ancient times because humans and Gods are different now. Gods have to grow and evolve too. Everything we know about the past is based on a huge amount of re-imagining because for a lot of it we just don’t know. What we do is that holy prostitution of girls as young as 12, human and animal sacrifice, and murdering those that disagree with our world view…never mind the last one. These are not part of most pagans practice. We are not separate for our Gods. We are reflections of each other.

It is my opinion that Gods are like bees.

Each bee is an individual, it goes out into the world and touches flowers (people) pollinating them. Some flowers are visited by more than one bee, they might be aware of that, or view it as the same bee. Its neighbour could be visited by the same bee, or no bees, or several different bees.
No flowers interaction with the bee can be wrong. No flower gets to tell the bee what kind of bee it is. Some flowers have evolved to attract different kinds of bees. Bees and flowers (though bees are older) have evolved together. We are all but brief flowers and to imagine we can know the will of beings ancient, powerful and multifaceted is hubris. This hubris sits at the heart of all religious conflict.”I know the will of God” is dangerous, conceited and prohibitive.

Driving out or rebuking those whom worship the same Gods or other Gods does not foster kindness, inclusiveness or growth.

Hecate is an old and complicated Goddess. The idea that you could wash away her darkness and magick because you don’t like it is infantile. It also comes from a really unhealthy idea about women. That we must be milk white mothers to be worthy. It denies women their rage, power and depth. After all even the gentlest bee can sting you.