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Tell me some things about you…your background, your path to where you are today…what do you see your future path looking like?

“My path has not been one singular event but a succession of events – an unfolding. I’ve always been fascinated by unusual things – esoteric disciplines, occult etc. Because my interests did not jive with my mom’s beliefs, at 15 I set out on my own. Well, not entirely on my own – I went to live with my Dad where I discovered he and I had many things in common. He helped me to discover the tools that I use today. I learned at an early age to “read” the symbols that you find in Tarot. In 2011 I did the artwork for the Syrian Starseed Tarot Deck. My future path – to continue to write more, to continue to teach and see clients – but still unfolding.”

Was there a moment in time, that aha moment so to speak, when you decided to begin writing?

“No, not in that sense. It was a biproduct of teaching – as writing manuals or handouts was necessary to provide the materials for teaching. I was never an intentional writer.”

What was your main inspiration for this book? Are there some parts that were your favorite to write about? Are there some parts that were more challenging?

“I wanted people to have book that contained a little bit of everything. I wanted to create something they could continuously return to – a manual that wasn’t available for me when I started. My favorite parts…talking about symbolism and the opening up to a different perception. My least favorite part of the process; I did not like the technical process…being dyslexic, editing was, is and will probably never be one of my fav things.”

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Alysa laughs at the question.

“When I was creating this book enjoyed watching “RuPauls’s Drag Race” as it is very artistic and creative; it was a perfect marriage between the absurdity of writing something so technical as opposed to something so extremely creative.” 

Are there other books that you have authored and if you had to pick – do you have a favorite – maybe the way it turned out or the writing process to get your thoughts on paper?

“Yes, I have authored other books and no, I don’t have a favorite. To me it’s like asking to choose between my children – they are all unique in their own right.”

Where do you get the ideas for your books?

“From the people I interact with. My students have a huge desire to know and understand.”

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned in creating your books?

“How much time it takes. I completely underestimated the editing, formatting and publishing process.”

I understand there is a companion book in the works – can you share any details?

“Yes, there is a next one already in the works. Essential Astrology Fundamentals – the concept is to present both the science and the art. This project will probably be my most challenging one yet.”

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