Lady Moon, grant me night vision.
Let me walk in your half-light
at ease with my unknowing.

Once I thought, if only,
if only I had money,
if only I was loved:
I would be content. If only,
if only I could find the correct path,
the right answer, the perfect word
I would be content.

And failing this, I imagined if, if I asked for nothing,
making gilt shrines to my gathered sufferings:
I would be content.

Lady, Lady Moon, grant me this favor:
to know
that contentment
is not always the highest good.

Tide pull me, stretch me, disturb me,
give me sweet and sour dreams,
in your mutable light, change me, change me

Lady, keep me lean, skin sensing,
my heart far scanning the borderlands –
burn me clean and empty, Lady Moon.

Let me love best
your endarkened wildernesses
this waxing and waning
this ebbing silver knowing
this moving point of balance.


author & artist bio:

[email protected]

LAUREN RAINE is a visionary painter and mixed media sculptor, as well as a choreographer and theatrical mask artist. Her MFA is from the University of Arizona and BFA from the University of California at Berkeley.

In 1995 and 2000, Lauren studied traditions of Temple masks in Indonesia, and produced a series of collaborative masks with Balinese master mask artists. The series was exhibited at Buka Creati Gallery in Ubud, Bali. In 1999 she made 25 multi-cultural masks of ancient Goddesses for The Spiral Dance at Ft. Mason Center in San Francisco; since then she has directed five community theatre productions with the masks, one play, and numerous presentations and workshops. A continuing project, The Masks of the Goddess includes participant contributions, workshops and slide presentations. Recent productions include: “Sophia” (by choreographer Serene Zloof) at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (2004), New York, N.Y., “Restoring the Balance” at Nations Hall Theatre in Tucson, Arizona (2004), “Woman With A Thousand Faces” at the Black Box Theatre in Oakland, California (2002), and “Celebration of the Divine Feminine” (by Evelie Posch) at the University of Creation Spirituality (2002). Recent exhibitions include a 2-person show at Turn of the Century Gallery in Berkeley, California, Masks of Transformation, a conference at the University of Illinois in Carbondale, Sacred Space/Sacred Mask with Catherine Nash, at The Muse Community Arts Center in Tucson, Arizona, and a group show of visionary paintings at Aztlan Gallery in Tucson.

“Lauren probes the limits of whatever medium she addresses. The questions her art raises are deeply significant questions.”