Thoughts go swirling through my head
It is true, they ask, that tolerance is dead?
What means all these signs of the times
When lives are bought for a few dimes?

Are we, as citizens, becoming less aware
Of that which should cause the greatest fear?
It is not bombs or guns that destroy
Our freedom as if it were a mere toy,
but power wielded by those who should care,
but instead try to get away with as much as they dare.

Those leaders among us who do not try
To understand the deeper question of “Why?”
Such as why it matters to whom we pray?
Or why only a certain path is the true way?
Or why the color of your skin
Should matter when knee-deep in sewer is what you are in?

Our leaders should be people who care;
Our resources readily available to share.
To what god, if any, we should pray
Should not be spoken of any day.

To give good wishes, no matter your belief,
Is something that offers great relief.
But to be told this you must do
In a special way – this is not true.

Give thanks and ask blessings to whomever you will.
And work to keep this country truly free still.
Announce your intentions to all that you know,
“For the sake of us all, to this length I will go”.

To fight for our freedoms is our highest call.
To do this we must sometimes scale the “ignorance wall”.
That wall made from “Truths” that are not true.
Cemented by time, and very hard to break through.

But dedication and will can be called into play,
And will that and our courage we can win the day.
We can bring to this land a better sense of the Sublime,
I just hope that we can do so in time.


author bio:

Mariposa is a UU Pagan of 8 years duration. She spends much of her time reading, playing Celitc harp, and writing poetry. She calls her method of writing “Muse-inspired”, as she writes the poem complete and whole at one sitting with, usually, only very minor changes. Also, if she gets “inspired” she must right down the poem at once or she “loses it”. Mariposa currently holds the Office of Spirit for the Church of the Sacred Circle in Salt Lake City, and is also clergyperson of that pagan church. She hopes to get training to become a volunteer for the “No One Dies Alone” hospice program that sits with dying patients when family and friends are not available.