Unlock the Darkness

Unlock the darkness to find the key.
The key is the answer to all one seeks.
The answer is right in front of you if you look.
I found the key and the key is me.
Light your Inner Black Flame from within
And you will find all the knowledge you seek.
Use the flame to illuminate the soul
And in turn you will conquer the depths,
The very depths of your own abyss.

Fear not the darkness before you.
It is there to expand all that you know
While teaching all that you do not know.
Unloose you conscious, unloose you unconscious
Let the Inner Black Flame illuminate all
See, learn, and live what lies below.
Fear not what you see before you, fear those who refuse to see.
They do see the light of life,
But cannot see the darkness within the light.

Seek the truth within the light;
Yet seek the truth within the dark.
Without the dark there can be no light
And with out the light there is nothing but dark.
True illumination can only be found in the darkness!


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