Joy Of Living: Rainbow Hematite

Joy Of Living


I am a stone of balance,helping to bring clarity to reason and emotion. Where the emotions are charged with excess energy I will help to bring peace and in that peace understanding of the next step. I will help to open you to a deeper understanding of how to use the fire of emotion and imagination to move forward in your life. I bring the acceptance of the fire and passion within you for life and living. Passion is often denied out of fear of being out of control emotionally. I open your inner eyes that you may see that passion for life is a natural state for you.

I fan the flames of life energy within you,helping to ground you to the Earth while reaching for the Sky. My message is joy, in life,I n living, in fullness. I come to help you understand abundance and joy. As you walk feel the earth beneath you, grounding you in your beliefs and grounding into the center of the earth those things no longer needed. As you feel the sky at your head, open your creative ability to explore new thoughts,ideas and methods. Know and accept that you have and know no bounds, other than those you place upon yourself. You are as limitless as you dare to be. You are as big as the Universe and as small as an atom. You know no beginning or end,for my message tells you that you are the beginning and therefore the end.

AS you hold me, feel the blood within your body vibrate faster and at a higher level. I remind it of the excitement of living, of the power within you to do all things. Your blood carries within it the memory of fire and energy. Allow your cells to each be awakened to the passion of being present in each moment of all time. Feel the connection which you are to all things. Know the heartbeat of the Earth is your heart beating in rhythm with the heart beat of the whole. As you sing, know that all of life sings in harmony with you.

I bring acceptance of the fire of your emotions, and through acceptance balance is yours. No longer will you feel the need to stiffle your creative ability or your love, laughter, sorrow or aspirations. You will understand that these aspects of you are perfect and serve to guide you ever forward into joy. I bring alignment of the physical body as you experience alignment of your emotional and mental aspects. I bring the message that life is to be lived in pleasure,acceptance and with passion. I break down the barriers of fear and insecurity,that the floodgate may open and you will find yourself in the river of ecstasy. You now may move forward in balance with what you think, what you feel and who you are. Knowing that you were created for joy,vitality,and passion.


author bio:

Channeled through

Donna Devane/Manyfeather


Donna Devane is a single mom and talented artist, working on the net since 96. She creates One of a Kind (OOAK) art dolls, spirit dolls, gemstone jewelry and offers selfhealing lessons on her website. She is also a certified GIYAME healer.




Original handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry, Spirit Healing OOAK Art Dolls, Santas, Fairy Dolls.


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Original handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry, Spirit Healing OOAK Art Dolls, Santas, Fairy Dolls.


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