Morgan’s Wardrobe

Morgan’s Wardrobe

Blessed Beltaine to Everyone!

Spring has sprung here in the North as I am sure it has in many different places. Sometimes with the rebirth of Mother Earth, there comes a rebirth in the energy moving through one’s space and life. In fact, this is inevitable, the real question is whether or not a person recognizes the new energy and utilizes it. Part of living Pagan is being in tune with Mother Earth and the energies she sends forth at different times of the year. It is also about dealing with the energy sent forth in a positive way and knowing when to ground some of it back to Mother Earth. This month as the Earth begins to grow again after a long Winter’s nap, I would like to share a little Earth grounding technique I have used for so many years that I don’t remember where or who I learned it from and it has been customized over the years.

The first step is to recognize that you have energy that needs to be grounded. Some of my personal signs of this are restless energy that makes me wander around my home, not knowing what to do with myself but feeling I must do something. It is a general feeling of discontent along with a need to be doing something, anything.

Okay, so it has been determined that grounding is needed here. The next step is to use some of that restless energy to clean a quiet place. Someplace outside works best but this is not always possible for everyone. A clean quiet place inside can work just as well. Once a space has been created, I like to have each element represented. Personally this involves lighting a candle, lighting some incense, getting a glass of clear cool water and picking a favorite stone. I sit facing North with the candle directly in front of me. To my left sits the glass of water, to my right the incense burns and in front of the candle sits my stone.

Once I have lit my candle and incense, I take a drink of the water and offer some to Mother Earth by pouring some onto the ground in front of me. If you are indoors, hold the glass of water up and visualize some of the water being given to Mother Earth or wet the stone with few drops of the water.

After you have made yourself comfortable holding your stone in both hands, close your eyes and see yourself sitting on the ground. If you are indoors see through where you are sitting, through the floor and down into the ground. In your mind’s eye, see yourself growing roots that move deep into the Earth. Roots that both give and take from the Earth as needed. Once these roots have grown deep into the ground, let the excess energy drain out through these roots. As you drain the energy through the roots, feel calming energy from deep in the Earth enter your body. After you have released and accepted what Mother Earth has to offer, slowly let yourself draw your roots back up from the earth and let yourself become aware of your actual surroundings. Sit and feel the calm and meditate on it for as long as you are able to or need to.

This grounding exercise can be done as often as needed. Sometimes just having the stone in your pocket can be enough to keep you grounded, no matter where you are. This is great in stressful situations and I have used it when singing in public, taking a test in school or going on a job interview.

This is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the only way to ground yourself. Grounding is a cleansing of sorts and each element can be used to cleanse. If you know what element you are most in alignment with, by all means use that element. Listen to what the flame of the candle tells you, let a cool breeze or a strong wind blow the cobwebs from you head or refresh yourself in a bathtub or better yet a lake or stream. Be creative and make your grounding rituals personally your own, do what comes naturally and I can guarantee you will not disappoint Goddess or yourself.


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R.Beth Hall


Morgan Rose

R.Beth Hall was born in Southern Minnesota and grew up around the country as a “Navy brat” since her father had a career in the Navy. Her mother was a teacher for 20+ years and she also has a brother who lives in Denver, Colorado. Living in Garden Grove, California, until she was 18, she now lives in the Mankato, Minnesota area and has for the past 30 years. Although she is living the single life now, she has three children and four grandchildren to date; they all currently live in Minnesota as well.

R.Beth has an Associate of Applied Science degree as an Administrative Legal Assistant and while she has held several jobs in this capacity, she currently works as an independent contractor for a mail processing company. This gives her time to pursue her music passion. She has spearheaded a folk duet called Dusty Rockers that plays in local coffee houses and are working on recording an album.

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