Come see the Lady

The palest sliver of silver appeared,

just a hint of the coming of her.

As more and more of her lovely face did come,

my breath quickened at the sight.

In the lovely pale moonlight, her face was there,

her love for us deeper than the deepest well.

The Goddess floating above the waves, sent

shivery delight through my veins.

The full moon has come,

Come feel her, see her, know her well.

She who gave us birth through her cauldron

Is shining down to lend us her power.

The magick flows as does the waves,

Flows thru me, fills me with awe and wonder.

Sparks flash in the night, power strengthens in her sight.

Come with me to see the Lady,

Ocean’s calm, gentle does the breeze blow.

Come with me to see the Lady,

Off we now go, power leading the way.


author bio:

copyright 2006 by Dawning Grace