Reading With Katrina

The Way of Four Spellbook

Author: Deborah Lipp

Llewellyn Publications 2006

While I didn’t read the initial book by Deborah Lipp, The Way of Four, I don’t know that I would have purchased this book when it came out. To me, this was just another booked, pumped out by yet another Pagan author that is trying to gain recognition. Don’t get me wrong, she offers up spells, ideas for assisting you in rituals and spell casting, circling, etc. but to me, it was no different than any of the other 9 million ‘how to’ Pagan books that there are out there. Sorry, this one just didn’t do it for me. If perhaps, I wasn’t as old as I am and not raised in the Craft, this book might have mystified me, but, with all the knowledge and experience I have, this just was the same old, same old for me.


author bio:

My name is Katrina Stiles and I am a born and raised Pagan. I am a wife, mother to two natural children, my daughter age 17, my son 19. We have 3 furbabies and 1 furgrandbaby. Yes, a full house and yes, some days, I think I am going to go crazy! I own and operate a business from my home called DreadfullyYours. I make dread wraps, bandanas and fabric bags. I also own a wire wrapping gemstone jewelry business called Standing Stones Designs. I also read alot. I find that when I need quiet time, I dive into a book and disappear for awhile…it’s the best medicine! If you ever have any questions, drop an email to me at [email protected]