Winds of the Sand

Well, here it is April, this article I’ve been keeping somewhat of a diary to give an insight in what it’s like here. Lately, we’re seeing the end of the spring rains; it will rain until the end of April. Our biggest need currently is actually candles of various colors I need red and black specifically of dire need as I’m not the only Morrighan worker in this group. Would also like more altar tools as all our members here are setting up there altars from scratch. Our current projects include prepping for Beltane to include a May Pole and bonfire. We are preparing to have a Pagan Awareness day on this FOB as there are a lot of ignorant people here who equate Pagans as devil worshippers so I plan on nipping that in the bud. We have been working on purchasing leather jackets for our Soldiers with a Desert Moon logo on the back to distinguish us as Pagan Soldiers who have actually been to combat. I plan on having a reunion for all the Desert Moon Soldiers from 2004-2007 to meet in Circle Sanctuary in Ohio in around 2010 for PSG in June. Now to backtrack to March.

It was amazing, we were walking back from chow this morning and there sitting amongst the sand and brown of the desert was a red tulip-looking flower…a desert rose. It was a great sight being stuck in this desolate country, a land war-torn, yet something so beautiful can still survive. You know, I was going to buy some tulip bulbs and bring them back to plant and was reminded of the poisons in the soil. I may wake up a sleeping viper, camel spider or scorpion. There is also a disease called leishmaniasis, carried by sand flies which are lethal depending on the variety and even the simplest form leaves severe scarring. Let’s also not forget Tuberculosis is prominent in Tal Afar and malaria across the whole country. This is not a friendly country even environmentally. Heavy winds and sand combined take out helicopters. As the company medic I’m gearing up the unit for the up and coming summer months which exceed in temperatures of 130 degrees. I will stock sunscreen, hydrocortisone cream, chap-stick and of course IV supplies for heat exhaustion. These are some of the dangers we face as Soldiers in Iraq not counting the toils of war in general which are attacks and such but I don’t count those as you see them on the news daily. It brings morale to each and every Soldier in Desert Moon when we get packages and letters from all our supporters in the civilian sectors. Through all the hazards we face it brings comfort seeing the full moons and sunrises each day and feeling the energies from the Old Ones before us in this continent. The territory we are occupying currently is the Old Babylon/ Sumerian culture. It’s actually great to think of the Priests and Priestesses of Ishtar and Marduk walked the land they now call Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. I have found a new Yezzidi to interview which will happen around end of April early part of May so expect that article around July.

There were five Soldiers for our Ostara Ritual on March 21st it was a short ritual and pictures will be posted when I get a chance to send them out. That is the newest news coming from the desert, much more goes on daily however I’m still limited to what I can say. Weapons caches are found daily, terrorists are killed and captured daily, and the environment is ruthless as it can, but long as the coffee and packages arrive three times a week Desert Moon will stay safe and carry-on. Until next month Happy Beltane, and up-coming Midsummer. Bright Blessings.