My Problems with the Charge of the Goddess

Ok, so I have some problems with "The Charge of the Goddess". i do

believe it is a very nice poem. I especially like the part in the

end about having to know yourself in order to know the devine,

however, somethings bother me about this poem some have taken as law.

Why does it say "Whenever you have need of anything, once in the

month, and better it be when the Moon is full…". Maybe someone can

explain this to me. Why only once in the month? I don’t think it

implies anything other then it said. I don’t, therefore, think it is

open to interpretation (geez bible much). The full moon I get,

lol!! So we only supposed to ask for help once a month or her aid in

a working once a month? This means we can only work once a month,

what bull crap!!

Then it goes on to say "…you shall assemble in some secret place

and adore the spirit of me who is queen of all the wise". This

bothers me because of the "in secret". Though, I can admit that it

may be because of fears that this was put here. But, it seems to me

as though it is a command. I believe everywhere is the place you can

worship. Be it on a checkout line, in a forest, on the street, or on

the toilet. I also hate the "Queen of all the wise" line. Isn’t the

Goddess in us all?

Now lets go on to the free from slavery so be naked bit. How many of

us can really work naked all the time? or even wish to work naked?

Why does this say the goddess wants us all to? It is a rule. So we

must. A command from her. I am free from "slavery" to worship as I

wish, but HAVING to be naked a must!! Not that I think we should all

stay clothed. Don’t get me wrong. I just think to each their own.

The Goddess listens and aids with or without my hieny in their eye.

The make love in my presence irks me, too. But, well I can just

happily explain that away by thinking she means in private as well

and it is not necessarily in a group or in front of anyone.

I think the end of this poem supporst my views "…for if that which

you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it

without". The answers to all my questions and doubts and the answers

I feel to be correct must be true then. For they come from inside of

me and she has been with me from the beginning.