Our Soldier: Update

Hello everyone,

Hope this finds you all and well. We are currently in a battle for a place to meet. The bad news first I always say. We are meeting anyway in my trailer until all the crap gets established, first our tent was taken away so we met in my trailer. Now im being told oh no you cant meet there then everyone can meet etc etc. so i was told if i found a tent we could set it up and meet there but now im getting conflicting stories on that as well, all will get rectified saturday when the proper man gets back, Chaplain Levine please contact me asap as we may need your assistance in this matter. The Pagan Awareness day was shot down by the installation chaplain as well as he sees it potentially causing more harm then good with the attitudes around this base so now we’ve stopped planning for that. Anyway, on to good stuff.

One of our new Soldiers is off to the States for r and r. A woman,s organization wants our Pagan Female Soldiers to get mail, write for them at www.globalgoddess.org and they are interested in supporting the group anyway they can. I have tulip and daffodil bulbs coming compliments of Washington Bulb Company. That is my new endeavor, wherever we wind up meeting i need flower seeds, every kind so we can start our Sanctuary and flower beds etc if anyone has any extra seeds laying around to include perennials. Still keep our Soldier who lost his best friend 2 weeks ago in your thoughts and prayers as he is having a bad time. We haven’t seen him in awhile as he stays in an outsite. Beltane is around the corner so we’re planning our May Pole for that and will be taking plenty of pictures so shoot me an email back if you want pics and we will see what we can do. We do have constant internet in our trailers now so contact will be more common now.

Thank-you for all your support, care packages etc the Soldiers love it and appreciate everything you all do for us. Will be in touch and keep sending us protective energies. Bright Blessings.