The Darker Side of Things

This month, I am posting more spells on the darker side. Sometimes it is what is needed in our lives. One thing I like to tell witches: You dont have to practice all magick, but learn as much as possible as you never know when you will need it.


This curse shall be layed on the victim while burning an image of the victim in the flame of a black candle or while burning a black image candle inscribed with their name and containing personal affects of theIrs. If possible,do this in a graveyad at midnite under a waning moon.

As the candle or image burns, say:

"There has been unfaireness done unto to me.

I ask that vengenace be brought down upon my tormentor.

I envoke the karmic forces of the universe.

I conjure them to do my bidding.

There shall be fear & guilt.

There shall be submission and compliance.

I point the law of karma against thee,

unto thee it shall be brought forth with much speed.

Retribution be the cost for my anger and pain.

You are now cursed by me,

To feel what thou has wrought upon me one hundred fold.

Let thee feel no relief from your guilt & pain until I let it be so!

Throw the remains of the candle at the front door of your tormentor and do not look back.

**source unknown**

The Caracious Curse

(this is scary so do not attempt it alone or unexperienced.)

Take two black candles and two white and set them at your altar in this


b w b w

wand or athame

cast the circle and call upon the death crone and the hunter.

Use your own words to call them to the circle, as they are there, when you

can feel their presence light the white candles and concentrate on what

the person you are trying to hex has done wrong to you. You may like to

sing about it or just run it through in your head. Then light the black

candles and think of or sing about what that person looks like and their

personality. Then sit in your circle and think about your hurts caused by

them, whatever you do, do not lie or exaggerate. Then grasp your athame or

wand and use the tip to extinguish the black candles with

"You are gone from
no more will you hurt her/him

You have deserved of this

You are gone from her/his life,

Crone and Hunter have seen

You are gone from
no more hurt will you cause her."

**source unknown*

Bats Blood

*One of the black arts oils which creates discord, tension and havoc

wherever it is used.

*Sprinkle on enemies, but NOT on yourself.*

*Use it to anoint parchment paper on which evil pacts or wicked desires

have been inscribed.*

*A black Voodoo doll, labeled with a foe’s name, and sprinkled with

this oil will almost surely cause distress.*

* Place the doll at the enemy’s doorway so that it will be discovered

as he enters or leaves the house or apartment.*

4oz herbal base

1/2 oz Magnolia

2dr. Peppermint

Color: murky red


author bio:

I am an ordained minister and have taken the title of priestess rather than minister, as I feel rev. or minister is too christian. I consider myself LHP, a pagan dark witch. I have been practicing for approximately 8 years. Being LHP, I tend to gravitate towards the dark gods and goddesses. I consider Hecate my mother, Ariadne my sister and Lilith my best friend. I find the gods that I feel closest to Lucifer and Cernunnosand am now being told that Anubis is calling. And for some reason, I have been chosen also as a lightworker. Now, try mixing that with the LHP. lol But, there it is. People come to me for help all the time and I feel like I need to help them. I am a 39 yr. old widow, mom of two and gramma of three. I read anything on paganism and witchcraft that I can get my hands on, to continue learning. I have a tendency to dress hippy, gothic, witchy and happily mix it all up. I read tarot, wolf and faerie cards. I’m intuitive and psychic and have had visions since I was a child.

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