Book Review

Eight’s Great

Living Between Two Worlds: Challenges of the Modern Witch. Edited by Chas S. Clifton. 1996. Llewellyn Publications. St. Paul, MN. 187 pp.

Full disclosure time: I received this book as an initiation gift, so I’m doubtless biased. That said, Living Between Two Worlds made my top three list of must read pagan texts halfway through my first reading of the title essay by the incomparable Chas S. Clifton. The fourth anthology volume in Llewellyn’s Witchcraft Today series, this book explores topics ranging from sacred sexuality to everyday magickal living to the ever popular quandary of coming out of the broom closet through the eyes and lives of eight witches who have been through it themselves. My faves were "Griffins and Grocery Stores", by Ashleen O’Gaea, Priestess (and Pastor!) Reverend B’s "Serving Between the Worlds", and the aforementioned essay by Clifton, but all were top notch. Highly recommended.

Five cauldrons (out of five).


author bio:

Weyland Smith lives in Mercer County New Jersey with the bright and beautiful Morgan, her two children, and their cats & familiars Flame and Macavity. They may be reached at [email protected] Any and all rumors that Weyland and New Jersey governor John Corzine were twins who were separated at birth are completely bogus–Wey’s a Republican. (And a poor Republican, at that! Sheesh…)