The Healing Work Of Stones

Our true essence, or soul is not limited to the mere confines of our fleshly bodies. It actually expands for quite a ways out from our body for several feet. This expansion is called our aura. Most healers agree that illness begins in the aura. At the very least, the aura is affected by illness, so treating it, along with our body itself, is very important and necessary. In taking care of our aura as well is our body, we can insure that many illnesses don’t happen in the first place, then they’ll not need to be healed. One easy way to do this for yourself is to incorporate the natural healing energy of stones in to your life.

A few examples of this are as follows:

1. One of the greatest functions of the stone hematite is its ability to do wonders for the immune system. In keeping it on my body in the form of jewelry all year, I have kept myself from getting a cold or other types of nasty virus’s for years!

2. One of the greatest functions of red garnet is to strengthen the aura. A strong aura is a well protected and healthy aura, so I’m sure you can understand why garnet is my favorite stone to put with hematite for a lovely healing combination. Of course there are many other healing stones. Quartz crystal is quite the diverse stone, and it is a very adaptable and powerful source for healing on many levels. It works well with most other stones to enhance what they do as well as adding its own cleansing and healing benefits to the mix. When you channel your intent to heal in to a crystal who’s energies feel attuned to healing, the sky is the limit! I’ve used a good healing quartz to cure a hang over by allowing it with mental guided imagery, to draw the toxins from my body. In the same way I’ve gotten rid of headaches.

Stones do their healing work in our aura and this result carries over in to the fleshly body. Think of the energy of stones as working like a patch designed to aid smokers to drop the habit. Their energy is soaked into our auras and thus into our skin. I’ve helped several clients to come off unwanted medications by using stones to treat the symptoms instead.

A few examples are as follows:

1. I’ve often prescribed amethyst to treat depression and to aid in over-coming addictions. Amethyst is a powerful healer that works more on the mental level for healing of the mind.

2. I’ve often prescribed serpentine and citrine to aid in the releasing of anxiety. These two stones work extremely well together or can be used alone. While both have many functions, I’m only speaking of those that I specifically use in healing else this article could go on forever! Serpentine has a sedative and calming affect that helps to dull and then deaden feelings of anxiety, leaving a person to deal with situations without that feeling getting in their way. Citrine works to banish anxiety by cleansing it out of the aura and thus the mind. Citrine is a very powerful cleanser. I always call it the stone version of sage, and sometimes use it in its stead. When one is cleansed, negativity is gone, and that includes feelings of anxiety and anger.

3. I’ve often prescribed amber for insomnia. Raw quartz held in the hand works nicely as well, though I find amber more powerful. The two together can work wonders, though.

4. I’ve often prescribed tiger eye to ward off nightmares for a good safe sleep. Remember the very important connection of body, mind, and spirit/aura. If our mind is taxed from sleep full of bad dreams, we’re not going to face the new day at our best. Sleep is where the body, mind, and spirit do a lot of healing work among other things.

5. I’ve often prescribed hematite or quartz crystal for a quick way to get rid of a headache. I allow the hematite’s energy to sink in to my head, doing its healing work there. I suggest using the quartz along with mental visualization to draw out the headache from you into the crystal. Then allow the crystal to release it into the universe where it will dissipate. This usually takes several minutes of relaxation, and focus, but always works well.

I’ve only included a few healing stones here for the sake of space. There are many, and some prefer one to another. I’ve chosen my personal favorites to write of here in hopes that it encourages others to begin to partake of the wonderful healing energy that stones have to give. It is a natural and safe way to treat most things. Of course I’m not suggesting at all that anyone stop seeing a doctor or diagnose oneself, but there are many common ailments that we can treat at home.