Message of Topaz

Topaz wants you to open up your mind to receive the messages that are coming to you today. There are important things that you need to be aware of and your higher self is trying to help you out. You need to be able to stop and listen. The power of Topaz will help you to open yourself up so that you make a better channel for the words of divinity.

Topaz tells you that this is a good time for you to work on your astral traveling. You will be able to move forward and make connections with your spirit guides. This is the time when you will want to be paying special close attention to any animals that cross your path. Knowing what the significance of the different animals is will help you to open up yourself to finding out what the universe is trying to tell you.

Topaz wants you to learn how to communicate better with those around you and with yourself. You need to understand the power that words have. You have to be able to capture the power that they hold and use your own communication abilities to find the secrets that are now within your own reach.

Meditation for Topaz

The meditations for this month will be very personal. These meditations work best if you are able to hold the stone for the day in your hand but if not I will include pictures of the different stones that you can look at when you meditate. The meditations will require you to find a nice comfortable place to sit. You will need a meditation journal.



Find a comfortable place to sit and relax. Hold the stone or the image. Look at the stone very closely. Reproduce the image in your minds eye. When you have a clear and unbroken image of the stone close your eyes and breathe deeply. Allow yourself to relax and allow the stress and anxiety of the day to flow away.

When you are relaxed allow yourself to move closer to the stone. Allow yourself to flow freely down and into the heart of the stone. Here in the heart of the stone you will meet this stones keeper. Approach the keeper. The keeper will motion for you to sit and will begin to speak to you. Answer all questions and feel free to ask any question that comes to mind. When the conversation is complete the keeper will ask you for a gift. Give the gift freely and then return to your own body.

When you are back in your body write down any thing that the keeper said that rang with you. Write down anything the keeper asked you to do. Write a short reflection of what you felt and what you found to be important about this meditation.


author bio:


I have been studying Pagan traditions for my whole life. I have been publicly involved in Wicca for over a year. I have been a solitary all my life as my family seems to think that these leaning of mine qualify me for the black sheep of the family title. I have always been a little odd and unique. During my studies the one area I took to was Tarot.

I have read tarot cards for over 10 years now. I began as a closet reader. I would only read for myself and for a few close friends. Over 3 years ago I left my closet and joined the Canadian Tarot Network and began my journey of certification. I joined the Canadian Tarot Network because I wanted to learn more. I worked hard on my certification and I am still working. The highest degree right now for Tarot readers is Certified Grand master. This is my ultimate goal. Right now I am a Certified Tarot Master.

Aside from Tarot I love to write. I am in there process of putting a manuscript together for a submission to a publishing company. I am a Reiki 3 Master and I do a great deal of healing rituals. I love to write my own rituals and I am always researching something. I am currently a First Degree Priestess of the Correllian tradition. I am working on my second degree and hope one day to complete my third degree studies. I have given workshops on many different topics and for this reason my column "Advice from the Dragon’s Den" will hold a great deal of different types of information. There will be a lot of Tarot related information but you will be able to find other topics as well as time goes on.