Reading with Katrina

Jesus, King Arthur, and the Journey of the Grail

Author: Maurice Cotterell

Bear & Co. 2006

Pages: 223

ISBN: 1591430534

This book was so hard for me to get involved in. The more I read, the more bored I became and I found myself putting it down more times than I picked it up. The entire book reminded of a knock off of The DaVinci Code. I mean, the content while different as this book literally was about the Grail, the ‘idea’, the ‘plot’ per say was the same to me as The DaVinci Code. I don’t like reading knock off books and this one will not be going on my book shelf. Perhaps had I not read the DaVinci Code I would have had great interest in this but I really felt like this was a form of a copy cat book.


author bio:

My name is Katrina Stiles and I am a born and raised Pagan. I am a wife, mother to two natural children, my daughter age 17, my son 19. We have 3 furbabies and 1 furgrandbaby. Yes, a full house and yes, some days, I think I am going to go crazy! I own and operate a business from my home called DreadfullyYours. I make dread wraps, bandanas and fabric bags. I also own a wire wrapping gemstone jewelry business called Standing Stones Designs. I also read alot. I find that when I need quiet time, I dive into a book and disappear for awhile…it’s the best medicine! If you ever have any questions, drop an email to me at [email protected]