August, 2006

Provoking Thoughts for Parents

August, 2006

Growing Where They are Planted

An important part of connecting with our kids when it comes to spiritual matters is to find things that interest them. This is a topic we will explore for a couple of issues but first we all need to do some extra footwork.

It is amazing how many parents assume they know what their kids are thinking but yet they never ask. We would be surprised at some of the answers we get when we ask our kids their thoughts, not only on spiritual matters but also on life issues themselves. Usually kids have very spiritual insight into life without relating to it as such.

I remember a specific time when my house was in turmoil with one of my other children and the family was suffering behind his choices. What was profound was my (at the time) 12 year old son and his take on the current situation.

When I asked him what he thought about what was going on he said to me, “In the end, everything will work out exactly how it was suppose to.”

I remember being amazed at his incredible sense of grounding while the adults were running around incredibly emotional.

We could rationalize this by remembering that kids are much closer to remembering or recently coming from the process of rebirth and spiritual connectedness that comes from being born. Adults move further away from the sense of connection with the universe and spiritual process of birth and rebirth as we grow older and life’s problems take its toll.

We also assume that we have to teach our kids spiritual foundation and what if that is the wrong approach? What if it is that we are suppose to just capitalize on what our kids already know spiritually and intuitively. The famous saying says that we grow where we are planted. It changes our perspective if we consider that our kids are already spiritually planted and we are just suppose to provide water, not uproot the plant.

Isn’t that what we want when we are learning from a spiritual mentor or a High Priest or Priestess? I can clearly remember feeling belittled by my ex-mentor and thinking in my head, “I know so much more than she thinks I do!”

And what if we are suppose to be learning as much from our children about spirituality as we are suppose to be teaching them.

Hmmmm…………. Well that is a lot of food for thought.

As we explore this topic a little further, we need to dig a little deeper to know exactly where are children are rooted.

Here is a couple of suggestions of questions or things we can do on our quest this month.

And depending on the age of your child you will be able to ask the questions differently.

  • Do you pray at night? And if yes, to who?
  • What does god/goddess/spirit look like to you? Can you draw it?
  • What do you feel about religion?
  • Do you have friends that are religious or go to church? How does that make you feel?
  • Do you know what the elements are?
  • What things do you like to do that make you feel special?
  • Can you close your eyes and imagine special places or different things?
  • Do you ever remember your dreams and if so, what are some of them about?

This list could go on but this is just some ideas, don’t attempt them in a drill sergeant kind of way. Some of these questions should be worked into a conversation or else it might be strange to just ask the question right after your kid comes inside from skateboarding.

If anyone attempts this during the month and finds out something great or interesting, please email me and lets share with each other.

Let’s begin to explore and learn from our kids!! Ready, set…………….go!!


author bio:

Rev. Cyrstal

[email protected]

I am a 29-year-old Pagan mother, been married for seven years. I am very close to my family and my parents. I work full-time in the drug and alcohol treatment field. I have been a practicing Pagan for about four years. I consider myself to be an eclectic Wiccan/Pagan. I try not to limit or label myself. My passions in life are my family, enjoying a good book, learning what life has to offer, connecting with my spiritual self, giving back to my community and spending time with good friends.

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A Children’s Tale: Choices

August, 2006

On a long hot summer day, Nadia and her fellow young sea nymphs swam and played in the ocean. Then they decided to go into the cove and tease the human children from the village. This is something they did regularly. See the sea nymphs were magickal creatures that had been around long before humans and felt superior to them.

As they approached the cove, they heard the familiar laughing and splashing of the same children that were usually in the cove. They pulled the same tricks they pulled most days. They tugged on their legs under the water. They pulled their hair. They took turns doing the various things that came to their mind to annoy or harass the children. The children were annoyed and finally gave up trying to have fun at the beach and got out of the water and went home. The sea nymphs swam off laughing to themselves at the fun they had had.

One of the little boys that had been at the cove was named Jack, he was five. When he got home, he was pretty mad about the sea nymphs always ruining his trips to the beach with his friends. After he took off his wet clothes and changed for dinner, he went into the kitchen. His mom was in their finishing up dinner and getting it on the table.

She smiled at him when she saw him come in and said “Hi, Jack. How was your day?”

He looked up at her still annoyed and shrugged. “Okay, I guess” he said.

“What’s wrong Jack?” she asked. “Were the sea nymphs bothering you and your friends?

He looked at her in wide eyed surprise. He had no idea any of the adults knew of the sea nymphs.

“Yes, Jack” she said. “I know about the sea nymphs.”

“You see when I was a young child they played tricks on me and my friends as well.” She said in explanation.

“Really, mom?” Jack asked

“Yes son. You see they have been doing this to each generation of humans since humans first began to venture to the seas.” She continued. “They are older and more magickal than us and feel we are inferior and therefore they toy with us.”

“But mom it isn’t fair.” Jack said.

“I agree it isn’t but it is a part of life.” Then she explained. “You see Jack in life there are people and nymphs that will do mean things to you and you cannot control their actions only your own actions and reactions.”

“I don’t understand” Jack said

“Well, Jack, you have to decide what kind of person you will be.” She continued. “You can either be rude and petty like the sea nymphs or you can be kind and generous and be able to look at yourself in the mirror each morning.”

“I think I understand, mom. But I still don’t think it is fair.” Jack said.

Smiling, Jack’s mom said “I know, Jack. Life often isn’t fair.”

So the next day after school, Jack and his friends were back at the cove playing. Jack had thought about what his mom said but still hoped that the sea nymphs wouldn’t show up today; he didn’t want to deal with them.

Just as the kids were starting to relax and have fun, thinking they had lucked out and the sea nymphs would not come today; they began to feel the familiar pulls on their legs. They groaned out loud and moved to get out of the water. They weren’t in the mood to deal with them today. As they went to get out of the water, they heard a screaming sound. They looked back and noticed that today, unlike most days, that it was only one sea nymph instead of a group, and she seemed to be having some trouble.

At first the kids were going to walk away and leave the sea nymph to her problems, after all what did they care after all the mean things she had done to them. As they started to leave, Jack thought about what his mom said and realized that this was what she was talking about. He had to make a choice as to whether he was going to be mean and petty like the sea nymphs or be kind and generous.

Making up his mind, he called to his friends to come back.

“Come on guys. We can’t leave her like that. We are not mean and petty like they are.” He said.

His friends looked at him in doubt at first and hesitated.

Jack had made up his mind though and he jumped in the water and swam out to help the sea nymph. As he got there he realized her tail was caught by a giant clam. Hard as he tried he couldn’t get it free. He was getting exhausted; when suddenly his friends were all around him helping him. With a mighty pull, they got the sea nymphs tail loose.

The sea nymph was so relieved and shocked.

“I don’t know how to thank you.’ She said

“Why did you help me after all the mean things we did to you?” She asked

“Because.” Jack explained. “Even though you and your friends were mean and petty, we decided we didn’t have to be as well.”

“I will make sure all the other sea nymphs know of your kindness and bravery and that humans should never be treated unkindly again. I want to apologize for everything we did to you and thank you for saving me.” She said with tears in her eyes.

As she swam away she waved goodbye and Jack and his friends waved goodbye to her as well.

From that day forward the sea nymphs and humans were wonderful friends.


author bio:

Mundane Name: Debra Clapp

Magickal Name: Lexxa MoonCat

[email protected]

I am 36 years old share my life in the country in Georgia with my husband of almost ten years, my cat, my dog and my two parakeets. I am an Eclectic Solitary Wiccan. I have been on my path for about four years and still learning so much every day. Telling my nephews bedtimes stories has been the inspiration for my current short story and the beginning of several more still in development. So I am dedicating my first published story to Edward and Alex. They help me see the magick in everything.

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Provoking Thoughts

August, 2006

So You Call Yourself an Elder?

For any of us who have found this path on our own, we know how hard it can be to find someone to work with us in learning our craft. In some ways it can feel like the impossible task to find a qualified person in the community that teaches or mentors.

I was recently speaking with a fellow Wiccan, with whom I am currently mentoring, and she told me a story that really bothered me. We have spent many nights talking about how hard it is to find someone to work with who is trustworthy and not psychotic. She was talking about a time when she was actively searching for someone in the community to learn from and she spoke with an elder in the Pagan community who was doing readings at a local shop. When asking about locating elders in our community she was told that many of the elders are “going or have gone into hiding” because of the influx of “newbies” joining the path with misguided information.

Upon hearing this story I was immediately shocked and then it made me angry to hear that someone said this to my friend as if it was ok. I mean, isn’t that what is wrong with the movement as it is right now?

Needless to say, it was a discouraging experience for her and I can only imagine the others who have asked the same question and gotten the same result.

It is right that the Wiccan community is growing by leaps and bounds right now and, as a result, there are many out there who cannot find an appropriate teacher to study with. This is one of the many things that can lead a person to be “misguided”, so to speak, because they are going to books that may or may not be accurate and some are settling for teachers who are not equipped to teach.

I am one of many who have found themselves in a situation with a “teacher” who was deceitful and misleading. After over a year of study with this person I got the information I needed. After investigating a little and mustering the courage to move on, I rescued myself from an unhealthy situation. It was not at that moment but years later that I came to the realization that I had something very valuable to pass on to others.

It was through that experience that I learned the value of healthy mentors and elders in the Pagan community. There is a need and the need continues to grow.

You can find information about invocations, goddesses, quarter calls, circle casts and whatever in books and on the internet but what about the ethics? Where do you find that in a way that it is completely and thoroughly explained? That is one of the major roles of the teachers and elders in our communities.

Elders have a duty to the community at large. So, in my humble opinion, if someone is quick to call him or herself an elder but not willing to teach in the community something doesn’t add up. There are many ways to contribute to the community and they can’t find any?

Let us follow this thought through for a moment here. If more people continue to come to this path then we have the reality of a steady growth in our “religion”. We currently have a large population of our community that is untrained and have not had the opportunity to be taught by real life elders.

If this cycle continues we can fast forward to a time very shortly in the future where it is that same group of people teaching the newer groups coming in. And before long we have total chaos and a large division between the foundation of Wicca and what is being taught and practiced. If the mysteries of the craft are not passed along, they will be lost.

In twenty years our path as we know it could be long gone.

So, with that in mind, we have more at stake than a little bit of our time. So let’s look at what is needed to act as an elder or mentor in our community.

A genuine sense of self and your own spiritual
Appropriate knowledge and training
A small commitment of time
A willingness to give back to the community
A commitment to the divine to pass on trustworthy and honorable information

If you are one of those elders who are in hiding, I am calling you out. We need you here. Your people need your knowledge and wisdom. As they say in AA, “you give it away to keep it”.
Maybe those who are unwilling to support others in our community shouldn’t complain about who is misguiding who. Why don’t we ponder that for a while…


author bio:

Rev. Cyrstal

[email protected]

I am a 29-year-old Pagan mother, been married for seven years. I am very close to my family and my parents. I work full-time in the drug and alcohol treatment field. I have been a practicing Pagan for about four years. I consider myself to be an eclectic Wiccan/Pagan. I try not to limit or label myself. My passions in life are my family, enjoying a good book, learning what life has to offer, connecting with my spiritual self, giving back to my community and spending time with good friends.

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Tarot: Self Help, Self Knowledge or Divination Tool?

August, 2006

Tarot: Self Help, Self Knowledge or Divination Tool?

According to some different Tarot schools, this can be understood as an instrument of self-help, self-knowledge or divination.

It’s not rare to find those who defend it from one perspective, while others see or feel opposing views.

For me, this is not relevant, maybe not even correct.

I consider Tarot all these. Which must be clear in the reader’s and querent’s minds as they use it in that moment and for their own personal reasons. A Code of Ethics must guide the individual activity of Tarot reading.

As a self-help tool, the reader uses Tarot for her/himself in order to go inside, know and guide some decision or direction. And can do the same with a querent.

Used as a self-knowledge instrument, Tarot has, in my opinion, its most important position. This is so for both the person who uses it personally, as well for those around her/him. Carl Jung (1875-1961) a psychoanalyst from Switzerland, dedicated himself with much attention to Tarot in this field. Although, it is not imperative to be a psychoanalyst to work with the Tarot and translate it (even though I believe a taraotologist must have skills in “help relationships”). Using this approach, each card is understood as a pictogram that is written, a mirror that reflects not only a personal image but a universal one – something Jung called “collective unconscious.” It is my belief and practice that this is the richest way to read Tarot; thus, there is great potential to help ourselves and other people.

Maybe it is as a divination tool for which Tarot is best known. I believe this approach is as worthy as any of the others above. However, I do strongly believe the truest worth comes in how Tarot is translated by the “Tarotologist.”

I mirror and reflect on the words of Anthony Louis (2003, p.1-2): “Tarot is one instrument that awakens our intuitive faculties and puts us in contact with our innermost self. It’s a metaphoric system that leads us to self discovery. Tarot links to our daily life and can help us to see more clearly the realities in our life.”

In its essence Tarot is our portal to meditation, reflection, problem analyzing, decision clarification, self-understanding, spiritual growth and divination. So, Tarot allows us to reach a spiritual dimension in the Universe that would not be accessible in another way.


Louis, Anthony (2003) – Tarot Plain and Simple. St. Paul: Llewellyn Worldwide. ISBN: 1-56718-400-6

® Protected by copyright.


author bio:

I’m Ana Santos, from Portugal.

I’m Angelologist, Certified Tarot Master by the Canadian Tarot Network and Usui Reiki Master. I believe

– human beings have unlimited growth and development potential;

– there is always a reason for what happens;

– if we allow, lessons and walking to Light is always possible in this life.

We were born to be happy and find Light.

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Spiritual Healing

August, 2006

I am a magician of over 30 years of experience with removing curses, disharmonies and other spiritual problems. I plan to touch upon many subjects in this column but they will all relate to spiritual problems and upsets. I feel these problems are running rampant while everyone is saying if you think positive bad things will go away.

People block themselves and the energies block them so they have these problems. It is past the point where they can think positively. The only way to help with these problems is working upon your inner self and knowing yourself. You can overcome any outside forces and be a success in what ever you want to do or be in your life.

I plan to help everyone to learn how to do this in their lives. It will make it so no matter what happens you can endure and still come out as yourself. You can enjoy your life with all of the challenges and adventures. You can also see what you did to cause the root of your problems and know how to fix it.

The basics of healing spiritual problems involve the energy system I know that everyone has read about chakras and all of the other subjects. It is only part of the problem.

Each person has an energy signature. I call this the vibration, pitch, note, key and color of the energy coming from them. It manifests as the aura, the chakras, the energy body, astral energy bodies and soul or higher self. The energy signature shows everything about you.

The next step is to realize that we are continuously being created every minute and all of our decisions, and choices are written into that energy signature to become part of ourselves. Every choice we make has a reaction and that reaction is what causes imbalances, disharmonies and discord with in our energetic bodies. The proper choices can remove the imbalances, and discord. Yet what person knows all of the proper choices and decisions to make in their lives?

All spiritual imbalances will manifest as disharmonies and blockages in the physical world. They will limit your access to God, Goddess, and all positive forces if they go against your inner nature. You will then find that no matter who you call that you are blocked from doing this by the very essence of your being until it is corrected.

Now everyone in this world is not perfect. They have blockages just like you do. No one no matter how evolved and precious they are has a perfect energy system or they would not be on this earth. We all have to work upon ourselves and our expectations sometimes do not meet with reality.

I have over the years realized that many people discard others with problems. They do not want to listen to the problems. They do not know how to help, and they act like it is contagious. It is not contagious but it is difficult to know how to help yourself and others.

The first step is to learn how to observe yourself and your reactions. The Buddhists have introspection meditation for this and it includes watching your thoughts. The worse decisions are made when we are reacting instead of thinking. It is an invaluable aid in magic because it teaches us how to concentrate and makes our mind clearer. It not only will make you a better person but also will make it so you are a better witch or magician.

I have two eBooks on how to do this from different perspectives. One is Buddhist and one follows the step program of AA and adds in reality shift points. I will have my email at the end of this article if you are interested in either of these methods. Together they cover most of the problems people have in hiding themselves from their real person.

By this I mean the real person is the inner self that follows what is right for each person. No one is identical to another so no one should judge another’s path. You do not know what the person is going through and many people act differently than what they are.

The way the world is set up today helps us to lose our individuality. It makes it so we wonder if it is worth it to do what feels right for us. We are swayed by teachers, advertising and many other stress factors to just go their way or the easiest way. They claim it is the best way and perfect for everyone.

No one has the perfect way. We may find the perfect way for us but it is not the perfect way for everyone else. The only thing that works is to use methods that make it so we heal ourselves to find our perfect path. It allows us to be the best person and in the things we have the capacity to do.

Introspection is one tool. Another tool is through how we act. The secret of living a life that has fewer problems is ethics. You do not do anything to anyone that you did not like being done to you. You try to see if I steal this apple what could happen and go through the steps of the reactions. It is taught in ethics and helps you to see the repercussions on a spiritual level. I know that if I say something mean in front of a gossip they will say it to the person I talked about. Is it worth saying anything mean because of what harm can it do? The repercussions of our actions help to cause problems in our lives by changing our energy signature in such a way that we have something happen to put what we did into perspective. It happens quickly to those studying any type of Wicca, magic or spirituality because we are the ones trying to learn to act better. I prefer the repercussions of doing what I believe fits into what is right and agrees with my inner nature. I may have problems but realize these are challenges to put my path in the right direction.

Another way that we sabotage ourselves is learned behavior from childhood and life problems. I had a Father who was ill all of the time and had money problems. My Mother obsessed about money so I have never been able to easily collect money. It all stems back to the catch phrases that we have heard all of our lives that affect us in different ways. It makes us react and that is when we make wrong decisions.

The clearer we make our energetic system the better our magic works. Most people try to be magic but we are all magic. It is part of our heritage so what we need to do is clear our connections to our inner and higher self. It will show all of us how magic we really are by how much we can accomplish.

I will touch upon many different subjects over the next few months. I hope all of you will benefit from this column and enjoy reading it.


author bio:

Nita Hickok

I have been a practicing magician since I was 17 years old. I am now in my fifties. I have studied many different methods and life paths. It has included Earth Magic, Wicca, Hermetic Magic and Theosophy. I also have a specialty where I am able to break people loose from being blocked, bound or otherwise harmed by negative entities, energies and people.

I have written a book How to Heal from Psychic Attack the Problem Solvers Alphabet and tested it for two years before printing it. I have worked upon Clearings and spirit releasement in many places. My main goal is to teach the people I help to help themselves so they are empowered in their lives.

I love the fact that since I have been on the internet I have had cases where I travel to different places. One of my friends says my main weakness is to dangle a round trip airplane ticket in front of me. I still do most of my work at home with the techniques I use in the astral plane for healing others.

I have two websites and where I teach classes online with people being able to ask questions in forums. My contact email is [email protected] please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions and about the ebooks I mentioned in the article.

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Tarot Talk

August, 2006

The High Priestess (2)

“To know that you know, and to know that you don’t know – that is the real wisdom.” ~Confucius

Image Description:

The Rider-Waite deck portrays a High Priestess seated on a throne between two pillars, which displays the letters ‘B‘ and ‘J‘. The crown of Isis rests upon her head, and the waxing crescent moon lies beneath her feet. The symbol of an equal sided cross is displayed on her robes. In her arms is a scroll containing the word ‘Tora’.


Crown of Isis: Knowledge, understanding

Pillars: Balance

Letters B and J: (Hebrew symbols for the entrance to the temple of Solomon) Holy place

Waxing Crescent Moon: Women’s mysteries, secrecy

Equal Armed Cross: The four elements — water, air, fire, earth

Tora: Hebrew word for ‘teaching’

Key Words:

Non-action, Unconscious Awareness, Wisdom, Mystery, Hidden Knowledge

Fool‘s Journey:

The Fool next encounters a wise and mysterious woman. Majestically seated upon a throne between two pillars, her quintessential presence portrays her sense of hidden knowledge and unconscious awareness. She seems to be the opposite of the Magician, exchanging creative masculine action for feminine non-action and wisdom. She teaches the Fool the meaning of the tools the Magician has given him, and helps him determine how he can best use them. Although the Fool suspects that the High Priestess has more secrets she could reveal, for now he has the knowledge needed to continue his journey.


To learn how to use our intuition, and to find the inner wisdom and hidden knowledge in each of us.


As card number two, the High Priestess represents the feminine powers of the unconscious mind. She symbolizes the female passive principle, and the instinctual knowledge and intuition that each of us possesses. Many Tarot readers see the High Priestess as being the opposite counterpart of the Magician; both active and passive energies are required to achieve balance.

In readings, the High Priestess might ask us to look beneath the surface for hidden knowledge. Sometimes we overlook our innermost feelings and the messages of our internal voice, thereby missing valuable counsel in the process. Reflection, meditation, and communion with our Higher-Selves is necessary to illuminate the answers we seek.

The High Priestess can also represent a time of waiting and allowing. It is not always necessary to act to achieve our goals. Sometimes our purpose can be realized through a stillness which allows our aspirations to bloom within the fullness of time.


author bio:


My path name is Moon Masque. I was born on Friday, August 13 in the year of the snake. True to all of the qualities of my given astrological sign, I’m your stereo-typical Leo with an inborn passion for Divination and Witchcraft. I presently serve as a faculty member for the Institute of Psychic and Paranormal Research, where I teach Tarot courses and perform online psychic readings. In addition to my activities through the IPPR, I am a registered clergy member of the Correllian Tradition, Third Degree student at WitchSchool, and facilitator for the Yahoo Pagan People message board.

If I can be of assistance to you, I can be contacted via the following e-mail address: [email protected]. For a reading or information regarding my Tarot services, please visit the ‘readings’ section of my website:


Reverend Moon Masque

First Degree Priestess (Second Degree pending), Correllian Tradition

Faculty member, Institute for Psychic & Paranormal Research

Facilitator, Pagan People Yahoo Message Board

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The Atlantean Apothecary

August, 2006

An Hebalist’s Guide

Greetings herb lovers, I am Lugh Khan. I am here to pass on to you the knowledge I have accumulated over the many years I have been a practicing Herbologist. Hopefully, my notes, recipes and little stories will bring some enlightenment to you on the many uses of herbs.

I have thought long and hard on how I want to do this column and have decided the best format would be to devote each month to two areas. I will break the body down to the basic systems (ie: digestive, respritory, ect.)

and focus on one system at a time. Every month I will tackle a condition of the system I am featuring, giving you insight as to what symptoms to look for, the best recipes for that condition, the doses to use and any red flags to look for (ie: diabetics should never be given Angelica due to the high glucose content).

The second area I will focus on each month is for those who use herbs for magical purposes. Here I will go over the herbs required for certain ceremonies and what they are used for (ie: as incense, in a bath, etc.).

Aside from the main body of my article, I will also end each month with a little story of my experiences with herbs to show the light and serious side of being an Herbologist.

I truly hope you enjoy perusing these words.

Since this is my first column, I have decided to start with a few ineresting insights into the history of herbal use and the close conection to the pharmacuticals sold over drug store counters.

Herbs have been used since before the documentation of civilized history. No one really knows who it was that first noticed that certain plants aided the body in recovering from the ailments that disrupts normal everday life. What we do know, from knowledge passed on from generation to generation, is that Mother Nature (Danuih <dan-oo-ee> on Atlantis) has provided us with all we need to battle the diseases we face. All we need to do is discover what herbs to use, how much to use and what works and does not work together. The rest is up to our body’s remarkable regenative properties and our own mind set (if one chooses to give up, all the help in the universe will not do a thing).

Herbs work by kicking certain systems and glands into high gear. The chemical components within the herbs are recognized by the body as triggers that set our body into a yellow to red alert stage. Some of these components trigger our immune system to focus on whatever is causing the imbalance, others inform glands to produce (and even over produce) the enzymes and flora needed to battle certain conditions and others are seen as a poison that the body immediately starts to purge; along with the impurities in the body. All of this, along with unaddictive properties, what more does a body need! Even the Western Medical profession has known of the wonderful qualities of herbs since it was first inducted. Every prescription drug a doctor prescribes you has a base from one or more herbs (they just refuse to acknowledge this so the pharmacutical companies; which pay a lot of the hospitals costs; will not go out of business). Let’s face it, who would pay the high prices for chemically tainted medicine when herbs are so cheap and work just as well, if not better!

Now that we have finished our little bit of a history lesson, let’s get down to the fun! Since this IS my first column, I feel the best place to start is where all Herbalists should start; cleansing the blood.

No matter what the problem in a body is, the first thing you should do is clear out the blood of any foriegn impurities. This is done by a cleansing of the blood. This will ensure that the circulation of the blood will be clean, thus making it easier to diagnose what the real problem is. It will also make the patient feel a little better while the process of discovery goes on.

There are many different recipes for herbal infusions (teas) for cleansing the body. There are some for each of the body’s systems, however I will focus on a simple cleansing of the blood (this also strengthens and cleans the liver and kidneys).

Blood Cleansing Tea

2 parts: Echinacia

1 part : Cleavers

1 part : Golden Seal

1 part : Dandilion Root

This tea should be taken 3 times per day for 4 days. (for 1 tea: 1 tsp. of combined herbs)

** Do not over use this recipe. If matters do not improve after the 4 days, consult a physician.

** Be prepared for your bladder and bowels to kick into overtime as this is the way your body eliminates

the impurities causing the discomfort.

Magical Uses of Herbs

Anyone who practices magic (any style) knows how valuable herbs are to your ceremony. Every ceremony uses herbs as incense, in bathes, as ground sprinkles or in teas. With the many uses in magical ceremonies, I am glad this is a monthly column as I could write a full length book on this topic. For this month let’s have some fun!

Meditation is the base to all magic proceedures and threfore any help to maintain a state of meditation would be extremely valuable. While there are many recipes for meditational teas, each one is used for a specific purpose. The recipe for this month is a visionary tea to be used in conjunction with whatever divination tool you prefer (ie: Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls, Runes, etc.). This tea could also be used for straight vision-seeking meditations.

Visionary Tea

3 parts: Damiana

1 part : Angelica

1 part : Mugwort

This tea can be used anytime you work in meditation looking for answers.

To finish this month, I will relate a little story on how herbs have helped in my life.

The tale takes place in a secluded valley in Northern British Columbia; Bella Coola Valley. My wife and I spent a winter down in this beautiful, but very secluded valley (1 road in and out) and a bunch of kids rounded up some kittens out of the woods. We ended up taking a lovely orange and white, long haired kitten who we named Mouse (his meow was just a squeak). Shortly after we took him into our family, one day he was completely lethargic; he couldn’t stand or walk, he wasn’t eating and he had us very worried. My wife, who is a Vet Tech (animal nurse), came to the conclusion that Mouse was extremely dehydrated due to his long hair and the lack of moisture in the hotel we were staying in. After several tension filled hours trying to find a solution to our problem (there is no Vet in the valley and only comes in once per month), we decided the only thing we could do was take care of the situation ourselves. Our treatment was this: we fed him cooled Chamomile tea mixed with thawed Pedialite freezies. It took a few hours, but our little guy is still here and could tell you the story himself (if you understand Cat-ese).

This story just shows you that herbs are not only great for humans, but for animals as well!

May Peace and Harmony Constanly Surround You


author bio:

Lugh Khan

I am a 47 year old Atlantean Mage who has been a practicing Herbologist for over 15 years and am in the process of becoming a Master Herbalogist from Wild Rose College. My wife, myself and our 4 cats (3 black and 1 orange and white) reside in Alberta, Canada and are both seeking to start our own businesses (my wife is a Vet Tech and I am a certified Natural Health Consultant).

Aside from my studies and herbs, I also read tarot cards, I Ching readings and am a certified Astrologer and Parapsychologist, so you can see I spend a lot of my time delving into the mysteries.

Since I love to exchange ideas and energies with like minded positive people, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]. Ask any question you have on herbs or just drop a note with your views on life in general and I will answer you as soon as I can.

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The Dreaming Den

August, 2006

Welcome once again to our readers. I would also like to welcome all those who have dreams that confuse and trouble you, to the Dreaming Den. Here you can share your dream with me and I will study the meaning of your dream with close analysis to help you better understand what the dream is trying to tell you. I interpret dreams for several of my clients where they pay a fee for this service, but here it is free to all members of Pagan Pages. I am very pleased to be able to share my gift with you!

Do you have troubling or puzzling dreams?

Do your dreams leave you with a confused or haunting feeling?

Do you dream the same dream over and over?

With as many details as the you can provide, I may open doors to fond memories from the past, a messgae from a loved one, help with a troubled past, help with situation in the present during waking hours, and possibly make you aware of the future. I will be able to inform and set minds at ease!

I interpret dreams for several of my clients where they pay a fee for this service, but here it is free to all members of PaganPages. I will be interpreting your dreams for you and I ask that you describe in as much detail as possible everything that can be remembered because it will be of great value that I know everything. Even the smallest of things may seem insignificant, but will have great meaning. Seasons, smells, colours, sounds, outside, inside, buildings, rooms, numbers, am or pm, who is in your dream, how many are in your dream, are you a participant or are you outside looking in, emotions ect. There is a vast spectrum to be analyzed and depending on the length and information it could take from a couple of hours to a couple of days or so to give it the proper attention for thorough study.

You have the choice of having it posted here at PaganPages or for privacy you can PM me with your email address and I will send it to you there.
[email protected]

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Spirits In The Material World: Native Americans Today

August, 2006

The Silence of Indigenous Peoples

Pagan Pages has been seeking to include a column dealing with Native Americans for some time. There are a few likely reasons it has taken some time to find an author willing to share appropriate information with the readership. In this first piece of what will be a monthly column devoted to understanding the indigenous peoples of the Americas, I wanted to address why Indian people often fall silent in a venue such as this.

I also want to tell you a little bit about myself. I was not born on a reservation. I was not raised by wolves. My first and most life-altering spiritual awakening happened in a store. Some of the first native people I attracted into my life were definitely not on a spiritual path, regardless of what they said or did. The sweat lodge ceremony is not for wimps. There were no Cherokee princesses in the days of your great grandmother.

My heritage, in this order, is German/Russian/Scottish/Welsh/Cherokee and probably Osage. Tribal people will understand why it’s important to make that clear within the first three paragraphs; everyone else will hopefully understand by the end of the column. There are no enrolled tribal members that I know of in my genealogical records, which stretch back to the late 1700’s.

Because I have been taught to respect cultural ways, I will not be writing about things that I shouldn’t. While it makes for great story-telling to relate certain spiritual experiences or embellish the details of ceremonies, what you really learn from these is very little. What I wish to accomplish in the first few segments of this column is to orient you to the reality of the native experience. Then, armed with practical knowledge, we can explore spiritual issues from a grounded, solid place.

When you understand the relationship of living things to each other, when you comprehend your own place in the complex web of life, then you can enjoy and understand your own spiritual experiences, and have a deeper appreciation for the experiences of others.

Many times I’ve heard people say they want to learn more about Native American people, but they can’t find anyone to teach them. Odd, it seems, that native people wouldn’t want to be more forthcoming in sharing their cultures with others. Wouldn’t that seem the best way to preserve them?

There are some very good reasons that American Indians are selective with whom they share their cultural truths. One of the primary reasons for this silence is little known and even less understood to the rest of the world. In native societies, a person earns the right and the approval of their elders and tribal leaders to be a spokesperson for their people.

It’s a rather foreign concept to those of us who were raised with the right to free speech. Shouldn’t everyone, regardless of their station in life, be able to say what they feel? Isn’t it rather backward to be so selective about who can say what?

At first glance, it might seem so. But on further investigation, the reasoning becomes more obvious. Many tribal people’s history goes back well beyond recorded history, and indigenous cultures are, by and large, oral cultures.

Origin stories as well as the rituals of daily life are passed down from elders to the young; they are kept alive and pure by the learning of the student from the teacher. Therefore, before a tribal person is ready to be a speaker on behalf of their people, they must first be a student. A student who can learn, memorize and retell the stories of their people.

To be a student, one must have teachers, and to have tribal teachers, one must be raised in and around their tribal community. This dramatically narrows the number of eligible spokespersons in today’s world. Several hundred years of brutal and dedicated oppression by dominant societies have reduced the size of tribal communities, and have obliterated much of the knowledge that was an integral part of those tribal systems.

There are other factors to consider as well. There were well over five hundred different tribes in the United States alone. Some were completely obliterated and exist now only in obscure historical accounts, mostly written by anthropologists. The knowledge those people maintained has effectively been lost. Of the nations that remain intact, they have done so by carefully protecting and preserving what is most sacred and vital to their cultures.

These cultures may be grouped as one category – American Indians, Native Americans, Indigenous peoples of the western Hemisphere; but this is a superficial grouping which gives us no more than a general geographic location in which to place those cultures. There are some similarities that all indigenous cultures share, like respect for Mother Earth, but the more one learns, the more they will realize that each nation is different from the next in important ways.

This lends another layer of difficulty to the task of finding someone to teach you about native cultures. Most Indian people will not pose as an authority on any culture but their own, not for lack of knowledge, but out of respect. They, after all, probably don’t have the right to speak on behalf of any culture other than, perhaps, their own, and if they have been raised with some traditional sensibility, will not be willing to divulge too much of what they do know.

One of the most important reasons native people are often silent has to do with the abuse of the knowledge they have shared. In their hunger to gain some level of spiritual accomplishment, and in pursuit of financial gain, many non-native people have adopted portions of native ceremonies for their own personal benefit.

You can buy a kit to make your own sweat lodge on the internet. You can read any number of books written by non-Indians about the spiritual paths of natives. A whole host of “adopted” non-Indian people have successfully published book after book about their spiritual adventures with native elders. Some purport that they have become shamans and medicine people themselves.

Some Indian and part-Indian people have cashed in on this open market as well. In urban areas they will, for a price, give you the “authentic” experience of a sweat lodge ceremony, or take your money for a seminar in which you will learn about animal spirit helpers. Using elements of native cultures in a new age setting, they prey upon those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

What native people have always been willing to share is their understanding of balance with nature and of responsibility for our actions. And this, perhaps the most important thing any of us can learn, has been largely tossed aside. How to live in right relation to all other things…the one thing that will bring us peace, comfort and a sustainable future…this knowledge has very nearly been lost for lack of use. Even native people themselves have had to re-learn the balance that their ancestors were taught from birth.

Several waves of “new age” religion have swept across Indian territory, bringing mixed results. The admiration of native peoples is usually one cloaked in a veil of pre-contact bliss and nostalgia that bears little resemblance to the reality of native life. The adaptation of ceremonial ways for personal profit has outraged some elders to the point that they have shut their doors to outsiders, Indian or non-Indian, in order to protect the sacred ways which they are the keepers of.

Newcomers usually don’t stick around long. After a few months or years, the glory of the stoic Indian seems to wear off. The day to day reality of native life is often harsh enough to send most spiritual seekers packing in short order. If they were expecting to be struck with enlightenment like a bolt of lightning from the heavens, they might do better standing on a hill in a thunderstorm.

For those who truly want to learn, however, there is still hope. There is one thing that can be said about most native peoples, regardless of their tribal identity. If they like you, they will set aside your ethnicity, appearance and socio-economic status, and whatever else makes you feel different, separate, fearful or unworthy, and accept you as you are.

There are no shortcuts to making friends; no gift that will insure this right of passage, no given name or secret handshake to get you into the club. Perhaps that’s why some people go to gatherings for years and years before they make lasting friendships with native people. There are no secrets, no tricks. There’s just you…who you really are, what you really came for, what you have to offer and what you hope to go away with.

And then, perhaps, slowly at first, your new-found friends will begin to break the indigenous code of silence, and show you the small, simple pieces of life that make up their vast and complex world.

author bio:

Corina Roberts, Founder


Promoting the Awareness and Celebration of Indigenous Cultures and People and Creating a Sustainable Future

Author, The Wisdom Walkers

Corina Roberts was born in Wurzburg, Germany in 1964, the daughter of a German/Russian mother and Scottish/Welsh/Cherokee father enlisted in the United States Army. Writing, photography, art and poetry are both a professional and a personal passion. Redbird, founded in 1990 and receiving federal recognition as a 501(c)(3) non profit association in 1994, is a Native American cultural awareness and environmental organization created by Corina some 14 years ago. Writing skill came early, with the first recognition at the age of nine and a novel called Red Rover, which won an all-school first place award against many older students.

Most of Roberts’ work today focuses on cultural preservation and environmental education. She has written for a number of non-profit groups as well as doing freelance work. Her new novel, The Wisdom Walkers, available online at on October 1, will be the subject of a presentation titled “Telling Our Own Stories” on November 10-12, 2005 at the Southeastern University of Oklahoma’s Sixth Annual Native Writer’s Symposium in Durant, Oklahoma.

Recent poetry includes “Waking Up Screaming” in the July 2005 online edition of Autumn Leaves, collaboration with Virginia Morell on the National Geographic upcoming article “Sea Monsters” slated for publication in December 2005, and inclusion in the International Poetry Society’s 2005 Anthology with “The Honesty of Dogs”. Other current online credits include “Jump – Getting Started” an article about writers on writing at Visit Redbird’s new website, available October 1 2005 at and attend the Children Of Many Colors Intertribal Powwow, June 16, 17 and 18 2006 at Moorpark College in Moorpark, California.

Corina has several other projects in the works as well. Fairy Island, Inc. is a wedding location operation in its early development, with some very innovative goals and ideas, and for which serious partner/investors are being sought. Through her non-profit, she is also working on a project called “Redbird Ranch”, an elder and transitional housing facility focusing on the Native American community, and providing peace and dignity in a culturally appropriate setting for families whose elderly are nearing their end of life.

Contact Corina Roberts at: (805) 217-0364

Or via email at:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Mailing Address:

Corina Roberts, Founder


P.O. Box 702

Simi Valley, CA 93062

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Witch Tips

August, 2006

Quick & easy hints to get you through your busy day

The Poor Pagan’s Guide to Altar Care

Did you hear the one about the girl with the wooden altar? Sad but true–and an altar cloth can only cover just most signs of neglect and abuse, not all. To keep your fellow covenors from snickering behind your back, follow these simple rules & suggestions:

Avoid excess. Don’t stash your altar up in the attic or downstairs in the fruit cellar when your Presbyterian Aunt Petunia comes visiting–extreme temperatures, dryness or humidity can damage wooden furniture. And watch what you toss over it, too, since plastic or rubber mats can stain or soften polish unless labeled safe for wood.

Speaking of polish… Everybody knows what big spenders Pagans are, right? Avoid becoming a stereotype (and incidentally save a few shekels) by raiding your kitchen instead of Home Depot. Toothpaste rubbed on gently with a damp cloth removes water marks. A soft cloth can apply an equal mixture of salad oil & lemon juice onto scratches. Unfinished wood can be polished with a soft cloth and a little (very little) mineral oil. (For lemon oil polish, just dissolve one teaspoon of lemon oil into one pint of mineral oil.) Mahogany can be polished with a mixture of equal parts warm water & white vinegar. Wipe on and polish with chamois cloth.

Washing up. Dampen a cloth with a solution of mild soap (like Ivory) and water. Wipe down each section of your altar with that cloth, then immediately dry said section with a different (and dry) cloth.

Don’t overdo. Don’t polish more than three or four times a year, unless your altar gets heavy use. (Like if you’ve got a colony instead of a coven.) Don’t mix different types of polish. Too much polish can build up an unsightly cloudy film. And always remember to wipe off the polish before it completely dries.

Hold your applause. Sure I’m a genius (just ask me!), but even I can’t be expected to know it all. I grabbed the above info from a pamphlet titled On Your Own: Stain Removal, from On Your Own Publications.


author bio:

Two kids! Two cats! A little brunette with a big attitude! Plus dragons & fairies & darklings, oh my! And oh yeah, Weyland lives there too! They call the new apartment the Lanterns ’cause Morgan won’t let Wey name it the Busted Flush! (Did I mention the brunette with attitude yet?) Send your spare cash and condolences to [email protected] Mizpah!

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