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God’s Eye

An oldie but goodie!! I think I’ve seen these made at nearly every school I attended in life.

So lets get started First off your gonna need a few things!

Items Needed:

*2 sticks (Chop sticks, dowling rods cut to size, popcicle sticks, just to name a few)

*string, ribbon, or yarn ( I like the kind that changes color to create a neat pattern)

*Hot Glue gun or tacky glue (Kids get your parents help with the hot glue gun)

Optional Items:

Small charms or old jewelry


Step 1: using the glue gun cross your stick in the middle using the glue dab a bit so that when it drys you have an even cross.


Step 2: When you have your dried cross, make an X by wrapping your string across the middle of the cross.


Step 3: Wrap the yarn around one stem, then move to the next, stem and wrap the string around it once, move to the next, wrap, and repeat this for the rest of the Eye.



Step 4: now that we are getting to the end it’s time to think about where to stop.  A good  place is to make sure you have at least a centimeter from the end. Make your final wrap, then using the tail (or end) of your string tuck it under the wrap string.


wrap the tail under the opposite string (the one you just wrapped) but hold the middle of the tail up over the stem to make a loop for hanging.


Step 5: Keeping the loop, wrap the rest of the tail around the stem a few times then, pull the tail through the loop and finally tie the loop and tail in a knot a couple of times. Snip the excess and maybe use a dab of glue to secure the loose end.


With all the yarn, string, ribbons, and even rope. You can make a lot of texture and colored Gods Eyes for a theme or holiday!

Use black and orange for Samhain and decorate the four points with tassels to match and hang up.  A neat idea is to make the center black and the outer orange…or in the reverse, for a fun candy look use white yellow and orange to look like candy corn! Even for fun, have a black center with green on the outside and call it a Witches Eye!

For Yule make several red, greens, whites, and gold small ones using toothpicks (Be sure not to wrap to tightly otherwise the toothpicks might snap.) You can use them to adorn packages or your yule tree or even a Door wreath.  Also, a little glue will go along way in helping with these tiny pieces. Be sure to use small knitting thread or cross-stitching thread.

For Ostara use the pastel colors for your middle and decorate the four points with small colored eggs or bunny figures.

For Beltane glue small flowers to the center when completed or on the stems maybe even place it in the center of a flower wreath.

While wrapping the Gods eye center pause and string a charm or trinket and continue wrapping that way when displayed you have a unique Gods Eye for your home.

Feel free to E-mail me your finished design, I like to see what other people have done with an idea to make it all their own.

Heres a couple I made using fluffy yarn!


Hope you have fun with this small project!

Blessed Be