Crystal Clear

Sow’in Stones for October’s  Wild Magic!

On October 31st, Sow’in or Halloween, the veil between our world and that of spirit is most thin.  This enables energies and beings, good or bad, to pass freely from the realm of spirit and other  realms into ours.  This opening of the veil allows extra magical and power sources to bleed through into our world as well.  This serves to enhance and heighten our power, so don’t feel at all surprised if your psychic ability is more right on, or your magic is stronger.  Take advantage of  it and enjoy!  The veil is actually thinning from around mid-September to very early November.   It is usually just the most thin on Sow’in.  This month’s column will feature the  stone friends that are most helpful during this time for power enhancement as well as for protection during this time.

Topic one, astral travel and communication. When the veil is thin, we’re more easily able to travel into other realms during meditation or psychic work.  Here is a list of stones most helpful with this.
Phantom quartz!  This is a crystal which has another crystal or other crystals growing in it.  A crystal within a crystal.  As quartz naturally magnifies power anyway, it magnifies your traveling ability as well.  Phantom quartz allows you to have part of your energetic mind leave your body during times of relaxation and or meditation.  Simply relax with the crystal and picture yourself sliding mentally into it, and into the phantom inside, then out of the tip and into the universe where you  travel up into the astral.  When you’ve finished your business, you may return through the crystal for better and safer grounding.
Jade and all forms of meteorite assist us in hearing what other beings from different realms are saying to us in these forms of travel.  They can also be beneficial for mediums as they open a good channel for spirit chat.

Topic two, psychic work.
Labradorite is a lovely opalescent green, blue, gray stone which is wonderful for clearing and opening the third eye.  It would be a wonderful enhancement to have about for your psychic work during this time of high magical power.  Dark Smokey quartz is a gentle enough grounding stone and works well with labradorite to enable you to be still inside to better receive psychic impressions without outer interference.

Topic three is protection. During this time, all sorts of entities have access to this world.  Some are not as friendly as others, so psychic shielding and protective stones on your person are always a good thing.  Tiger eye is a protective stone and keeps the sleeping mind safe from nightmares.  When we sleep, our mind travels  to the astral, and some of the things we encounter this time of year ends up being interpreted into some very odd dreams.  Tiger  eye is a wonderful shield against this.  Black onyx shields our energy field from psychic attacks.  Jet keeps our physical body safe from careless mishaps by putting  a ‘don’t touch’ shield around our physical person.  Black tourmaline transmutes negative energy into positive so  protects in that manner.  Hematite is protecting and very grounding.  When we’re  properly grounded we’re much safer from psychic attacks when waking or sleeping.

As long  as any magical work is done with safety and care, this time of year is simply wonderful!  Have a blessed Sow’in, and as always, happy stoning!