Rants from the Sanctuary


I’ve been focusing a lot on change in this column, but indeed there is a reason. October is the Witches New Year and my family honors both New Years. December 31 we write our resolutions, and October 31 we do our ritual cleaning and reflect on the Pagan changes over the year and what we wish to focus on for the New Year. This year, we will be causing change not just reflecting on it as when this comes to print Michelle and I will be touring Arizona in search of a final resting place for Desert Moon Sanctuary somewhere in Northern Arizona. We will be visiting and speaking to some Pagan Communities, and have an information table at Phoenix Pagan Pride October 18. This month will be a pivotal point as we are already 501c3 so the legalities are in place, and once a location and land is set its just a matter of financing which Morrighan has always ensured came to pass.
The purpose of the Sanctuary will be many. To provide Pagan education to those who need to be educated to decrease discrimination based on ignorance. To utilize our network in place to fight the mass discrimination going on today that are happening beyond ignorance. These are major problems going on within the military settings as I have seen firsthand and happened when I ran Desert Moon Grove as well. We will also be a large venue to send Pagan packages out to our deployed Troops using once again our network already in place. I plan on having Full Moon concerts with Pagan musicians, Pagan Pride annually, other festive events including open Sabbat celebrations and Pagan Education specific days biannually.
The Sanctuary will eventually be off the grid utilizing solar and wind for energy sources and will be a working farm and garden for sources of food and potential commerce. We will provide an animal rescue for disaster-related events working with other animal agencies and statewide humane societies, and will provide a food closet for local homeless. Classes will also be abundant in the community lodge including candle and wand making, incense creating, herb and stone properties and satchels, and the list can go on. These are only a few of the goals we have envisioned and dreamt and the dream is becoming a reality as destiny takes Her course.
There will be other Sanctuaries as well to be support structures one such forming is in Kentucky and will be a fallback in the event anything happens that we must leave as in the event of disasters. Others will form as well and this will pull Pagans together as they always should have been as a nation-wide community not just a series of groups fighting amongst each other. Titles aside and degrees aside we are all Pagan none better than the other and none more powerful. I have seen witch wars and power struggles and none are pretty. This is what divides community not brings it together so there will be no power struggles on the Sanctuary as positions and titles will not be recognized nor reflected upon. To me, Pagans are Pagans no matter your Tradition or path you will be recognized as the Pagan you are.  Keep an eye on the column as I will update and things will start moving rapidly as my retirement approaches and we may then move permanently into Arizona and start building. Until then, if you are ever in the Ft Lewis area, stop by our HQ for a cup of coffee and conversation. Blessings.