The Path of a Priestess

Do you find spirituality to be a fleeting feeling?  Feeling spiritual mainly in times of need?  Feeling spiritual when you feel it is the proper time to?  How about when you want or need something?  Or when someone else you feel is spiritual is around?  And, let’s not forget on holidays!

Spirituality is an important part of life and should be felt on a daily basis.  It improves mental and physical health brings us through the bad moments in life and, also, helps us to see and appreciate the good.  Picture it as day or night.  They are beautiful but how much more beautiful are they with the sun’s rays or the moon’s beams caressing your skin & lighting your way.  Spirituality is akin to the sun’s kiss or the moon’s blessings.   A feeling grander with more benefits than any other.

So how do we get out of a spiritual slump or just bring more into our daily lives?

For the beginning of this path we can walk it together.  Let’s start with defining what spirituality is:

1.     What does spirituality mean to you?
2.    When you think of someone who is spiritual what do you see?
3.    What could I do every day to make myself be more spiritual?
I’ll start with my thoughts, but you write your own…

1.    Spirituality to me means walking with the diving.  By divine I not only mean the God and Goddess, but also, the divine elements and with the creatures of the earth.   Being created by the God and Goddess make these all divine.  On that thought being with myself meditating, relaxing, learning about me deeply, also, counts as divine interaction.
2.    When I think of someone who is spiritual I must admit I see a childlike image of a glowing person.  But on a more adult level, I see a woman who stands tall with a gleam of knowledge in her eyes.  Her glow comes from self assurance and self acceptance.  Her back is straight and she stands tall with the divine.
3.    Now I know what I want to achieve and feel, but how do I get it?  Simple, by DOING something about it.  I know I am looking to connect with the divine on a daily basis, so I made a list of things I feel will bring me to my goal.  After looking it over I decide on a simple book.  An Everyday book that I can read chapter by chapter with exercises I feel will enlighten me everyday.  I also decided to read one prayer a day from a prayer book.
Take the time to think of ideas and make your own list.  Think of things you would enjoy doing to make the experience special.

Now set aside time everyday.  Five minutes alone if that is all you have, and work towards being a more spiritual you.

Till our next leg of the journey…