Welcome the the New & Improved PaganPages!

Happy Birthday to Us!  Three Years old this month!!  To celebrate we have worked hard to improve our look and setup to give our readers what they ask for.  We are always trying to please our fans 🙂

To kick off the new year and our birthday with a surprise!
We are pleased to feature an interview with the one and only CELIA FARRAN!!!!! She has blessed us with an amazing interview you are sure to love!

Celia Farran

Not only our look has changed but the directory has changed as well.  It is now searchable by keywords to make your needs easily met.

Tell us what you think of all the changes!!  You can email us anytime with your comments, concerns, complaints, etc…

We are starting new advertising for all you vendors and later this month our donation button will be back up.  I want to thank you all for your donations, you made it possible for us to be up another month.

Be sure to be our MySpace friend!  We are now featuring auctions to help raise money to fund PaganPages and keep us alive and kicking!  The items and prices can’t be beat!

With all our Love and Blessingsa for this New Year!

Jennifer Wright

Faith (SageKatt)
Assistant Editor

Ben Wright
Assistant Editor