Crystal Clear

Beating the Blues

In early November the veil between this world and the world of spirit which opens wide during late October, shuts itself tightly once again.  This often leaves  we sensitives with feelings of depression and loss.  We feel overly grounded due to the loss of excessive magical energy, and just end up wanting to sleep.  We’re drained of energy, and find ourselves understanding why bears have a want to hibernate.  Hello Winter!

To shake this feeling, regain our energy and get back on a good magical track once again, we need to more closely connect with self.  When we reconnect with our own magical energy, the power from within us serves to make up for the  loss of the external magical  power the open veil provided.  Luckily Mother Earth has provided us with some very helpful stone friends for this time of year.

Fluorite, be it green, purple, blue, or rainbow, is a wonderful stone to assist us in connecting to our own power. It is also a wonderful stone for meditation.  Meditating is another wonderful way of reconnecting with the magic of ourselves and our guides during this dark and sleepy time of year.  Which type of fluorite is best for this exercise of reconnecting depends on which feels best to you.  Holding or wearing this lovely opening stone will do wonders for your energy level as well as serving nicely to lift winter depression.

Amethyst, a lovely form of quartz that comes in shades from light purple to almost black, is another wonderful stone to assist in lifting the haze of winter depression.  It resonates with the 6th and 7th chakras, and is a powerful mental healing stone.

Moonstone is another wonderful stone for this time of year. It works with the 7th chakra.  It works with different energetic methods than fluorite, but it is also a stone very good at connecting a person to his/her own personal power and higher self.  It is also a stone of magic, and perfect for helping us to reach the magic within to overcome the heavy winter blues.