A New Year, a New Age & a New Beginning

For a long time now we have seen great changes happening in the world around us. We have seen people search out a path that is more spiritual, an economy begin to crumble, a government’s corruption wobble on its last leg and the man who will be our next president finally prove that racism is no longer an issue nor has power within the realm of ‘We the People’. And most importantly, we have heard the chants of a coming ‘change’.

We have heard all the talk concerning dimensional shifts, veils thinning, 2012, and whatever else falls into that category but this article I am writing has absolutely nothing to do with the doomsday garbage that people have been preaching of that but of the hope and great change we can make possible now. Beware those who cling to negative doomsday conspiracies. These things, in my opinion, are meant to make you afraid of something so you will not discover the more positive revelations of it. It’s one more way to keep you blind and we are no longer blind are we?

We are on the brink of a New Year and the lunar eclipse which falls on New Years Eve may just mark the beginning of it. In ancient times eclipses had great spiritual meaning. It marked the beginning or end of something or a person who would bring about great change or have a huge impact on the world or something in it.

Not long ago, we had an alignment of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon. Jupiter represented Janus who was the god of portals and dimensions. He was the gate keeper so to speak and represented rebirth, change, the death of something gone but the beginning of something greater.

Venus, aside from typical lore, represented not just love but the Goddess of Generation. We also know that the Goddess is birth giving and life giving. We often think of a soul being born when we think of life and birth but what if it means more than that? What if it could pertain to a world or an age? What if it pertained to a situation?

We then had the moon which was believed to be a gateway for souls to pass into their next phase of life. It represents the Mother of the Universe. The moon also represented revelation, moon ‘blood’ or ‘wise blood.’ Isn’t it fascinating when we seek out the symbolism of things?

I found it also interesting that the three planets formed a triangle which to me represents the Trinity. In ancient times some believed that the Triangle represented the Goddess’ holy door, or in some cultures it represented the virgin, maiden, and crone. Whatever you perceive this to mean, we are indeed on the path to great change and I think in 2009 things will certainly begin to fall into place.

We are not on some fearsome journey which will end in horror and doom. We are on the brink of awakening and many of us have already begun to awaken. We are suffering a recession yes, many of us are losing jobs, homes and all of us are struggling just to put food on the table. Hang in there because this is only the end of an old world. It’s a cleansing period, a way to move us forward.

I think the end result will suit our personal vision, needs and hope. For some this could be a huge spiritual change, for others a different world entirely. And to be perfectly honest, things could get much worse but again, that’s an old world being pushed out from under us so that a better one can replace it.

How do bad things happen in your life? Do they happen all at once? After the bad phase passes, what happens then? With open and honest eyes, look back over your life and think about that. When bad things happen to me, it seems like my entire world changes afterwards. It’s as though my life is drastically changed, ripped apart so that I can enter a new phase. What happens afterwards is always better.

So if you are one of the ones who are having a hard time accepting that you must move, or lost your job or can’t make Christmas, try to hold on. We can survive anything and with that survival, something much more rewarding awaits us on the horizon. We can replace material things and we can get new jobs, hopefully better ones. Everything happens for a reason and in the New Year to come; I think we will see more of that. Some of you already see it but for those who are struggling, have faith.

Now this article isn’t meant to forecast our future in any way because I am not a fortune teller. It is only my opinion of what is about to happen and what has been happening. In the end we must ask ourselves how we can change to help further along this New Year and coming age.

Let go, accept, let the flow take you and trust in your God, Goddess, or Spirit that you will be taken care of. First though, we must help ourselves and we will help ourselves because we are capable of so much more.

May this New Year bring you happiness and success!