Celtic Awareness

Oimelc a Celtic Fire Festival

Following the Celtic fire festival of Samhain is the Celtic festival Oimelc (pronounced Im-melg; Also known as Imbolg, Candlemass, Brid’s Day, and Bride’s Day) which translates to ewe-milk, at this time of year (January 31) sheep begin to give milk; celebrations begin in the Northern hemisphere on the evening of January 31st. and in the Southern hemisphere on August 31st.. While this time of celebration has since developed an association with dark magic, the Sabbat and the assembling of witches, traditionally Oimelc was a lambing celebration welcoming the new life and the coming of spring.

During the festival of Oimelc, the primordial Irish goddess (Brigid Daughter of Dagda) of the fire, hearth, poetry and craft was and is invited into each house to visit and bless for the upcoming seasons of spring and summer.


Her blessings quickening the forces of life

Brining with her, her creative powers to the hearth,

To the land and to the hearts, minds and spirits of her people

~ Michele Burke (2008).

An Oimelc Ritual (Modern)

Find a quite place so as to be undisturbed.

Take a dark red to represent the Brigid and a white candle representing her as Maiden.

Call upon the elements as well as the Goddess and the God to come and be with you.

Light the dark red candle and say, ‘”This light is the light of the Crone, the Wise One who has ruled over the winter months, the resting time”.

Now take a few moments to reflect on all that has passed since the celebration of Samhain. Now say, “Now it is time for the Crone to turn away and become once more the Maiden, Lady of spring and of promise”. Light the white candle and extinguish the dark one.

Now reflect about what you would like to begin in the upcoming season.

Thank the elements and then the Goddess and the God for their attendance during this ritual (West, 2003)

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