Crystal Clear

New year, New Beginnings

As the wheel begins another turn into the year 2009, we all begin to think of new beginnings, fresh starts, and new year’s resolutions.  To begin new ventures, or even to begin the ending of old habits, one must draw on inner  resources of courage.
It is no coincidence that January’s birthstone, Garnet, is a stone of courage.  It’s strong empowering energy gives us the push to go forward…to do what we must.  It gives our gut feelings support, and we know that ‘IT’,  whatever ‘IT’ may be, can be done!  One step at a time is the best way, but the first jump…the first step must be made.  The energy and strength of garnet encourages our spirit on this path.
Other  than strengthening our courage so that we may eagerly move forward, garnet has many other talents.  It is a wonderful healing stone as it cleanses and strengthens the aura.  As all illness starts in the aura, garnet’s cleansing and strength can help to nip illness in the bud.  This is best when garnet is constantly worn or carried so that it does not lose contact with the aura.
Garnet’s cleansing abilities are also useful when giving or receiving psychic readings.  This is because our aura picks up gunk from everyone we come into contact with.  If when giving or receiving a reading, the aura is cluttered, things won’t be as clear as they otherwise could be.  Garnet cleansing out the auric area helps in this greatly, however.
The most widely seen garnets are the red ones.  This red can manifest itself in a manner of color ranges from a brownish orange to  a lighter red, to a very deep red, to a red that looks black unless held under an extremely bright light.  Green garnet isn’t as often seen, but it’s energy is very soothing.  Rainbow garnet is a more rare variety, and very lovely.  Like most of the earth’s children, garnet comes in many more colors than are commonly displayed in typical jewelry stores.  Each is unique, powerful, and lovely, and should be remembered.
Happy New Year, and Happy Stoning!