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Recycle Yule Poppet!

GO GREEN!  That seems to be the no way to go, Recycle, reuse, reduce.  Well heck!  The holidays are no exception. I’m the notorious one to Recycle unwanted presents among my friends, but rarely do I ever get a gift I don’t keep.  I suppose it’s that dragon side of me that keeps things.   However..the one thing that seems to stock pile, year after year!  No matter how much of it I try and use is Tissue paper, Wrapping Ribbon, and wrapping paper.  And Tape, but lets face it, we can alluse a bit of tape year round.

So…Lately I’ve liked the idea of Poppet Dolls. Some might know them as Voodoo Dolls. Though I like Poppet doll better.  So…while this is the dawn of the new year, and as is a new years custom, we make that new year resolution. Yea the past 4 years running my resolution has been to NOT make a resolution.

Things you will need:

* New Years Resolution!!
* Scraps of Tissue, ribbon, and/or wrapping paper
* Scissors (Kids get help please)
* Tape (there should be plenty)

Step one:


Your going to need to have two pieces of tissue paper or wrapping paper.  One large one small.  Ball the smaller piece and stuff it in the middle of the larger piece. (Kinda like making tissue paper Ghost for Samhain.) use some ribbon, tape, or I found a twist tie from a goodie bag, and tie off the head.

Step Two:


Lay your tissue paper poppet out and from the bottom corners cut inward towards the head, Don’t cut all the way leave some room in the middle.

Step Three:


Start twisting the 4 sections individually to make the arms and legs.

Step Four:


Now the time consuming part 😉  On a piece of paper, or on the poppet it self, writ our your New Year Resolution! Attach the paper and start WRAPPING!!  This is the time consuming part. When your done you can stash him away with the rest of the ornaments and bring him out next year to display or Burn when you make another one for the next year.

Aside from Yule this idea can be used for most occasions. Mommie exspecitng take some of the baby shower tissue paper and apply the same idea  except write down your hopes for it’s future and life.  The keep it as a keep sake and when your child gets older, give it to him/her and let them read the good will you wrote.

There are so many other occasions this will work for I won’t even try to list them all J

So Remember GO GREEN!!  And Recycle, reduce, and reuse