Crystal Song, Chapter 6

Randmier watched the green singer fall back into the connection of the matrix as he held the little star beast. Its humming had not stopped and the crystal within its forhead shown brightly. It trilled happily as its coat glistened with starlight.

He turned away to carry the lil beast back to its mistress and made the long trek back to the council room. When he arrived raised voices carried outside the doors and the guards snapped to attention on his arrival. Randmier raised his hand to open the door and a guard slowly shook his head. Randmier paused to listen to them before he went in. Obviously it was very important that he know or the guard would not have interfered.

“Kala, you should not have intrusted your pet to that green singer!” It was the oldest chosen’s voice obviously agitated. “You dont know what she will do!”

Kala responded in a tearfilled and worried voice. Her softness evident in it. “Mika, you have no right to tell me what I should and shouldnt do with my things.” There was a long pause that sounded like a sob then she continued. ” We could not reattach it. Trinket has been with me since I was small. He has been my protector as well as my playmate when I was chosen. If she can do it then I want her to!”

A male voice introrupted. “If she can reattach the beast then we have a problem.”

“What problem?” another female voice inquired.

“The problem is if she can reattach the beast then she may very well be more powerful then any of us combined. Stars! she has already revived a root cavern. None of us can even remotely think to do that.”

“What does that mean?” Kala asked.

“What it means is.. she is not well born. If she is more powerful then us then the ballance of control and power will shift. and we will be put out.”

Gasps went loudly around the room. It was then that Randmier thought it best to enter the room. He carried little Trinket in and further put the council on edge.

Trinket upon seeing its mistress again bounded out of Randmier’s arms and ran trilling its happiness to Kala who scooped him up tearfully in her arms.

Kala lifted grateful eyes to Randmier. “She did it!” Tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks. “Give her my thanks when she wakes.”

“I will do so.” Randmier said formally as he inclined his head and turned to leave. He paused then turned back. “It would be in your best interests to first consider the wellbeing of Aricania then your own seats of power. The crystal forms as you know rule the planet not us. And can remove your connection for any slight. It is obvious this girl is chosen. You had best consider it.” He paused as he felt the import of this girl. “I must inform you now that as she is chosen and because of my oath that I took to the crystal form her protection as well as yours is now my priority. Do not cross it.”

Randmier strode out of the council chamber and his cloak billowed out behind him. It would be a fight he realized. Things in society were about to change. This small green singer would start another civil war. He prayed to the Forms that the planet would survive this one.