The Gems of the Goddess

Athena:  Master Communicator, Crafter and Civilization Progressor

If you are looking for a powerful goddess to connect with, Athena may be a great choice.  Let’s take a look at what Athena represents and her attributes.

Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill.   She was the favorite child of Zeus.  She was born from Zeus’s head after Zeus swallowed Metis when she was pregnant with Athena.

Athena’s symbols are the Owl, signifying watchfulness and wisdom; the aegis (small shield) showing the snaky head of Medusa. She protects heroes and was known as the Goddess of Heroic endeavors.  She was a master negotiator and could create peace through negotiation.

So how can you connect with Athena in this way?   You can invoke Athena when you need to resolve a situation.  For example, say you are trying to bring family members back together or negotiate a raise.  Athena will help you find the right words and solutions to resolve the issue.  You can also pray for soldiers and those fighting in battle – she protects their heroic actions.

Athena is also known as the Goddess of Crafts. Athena is the patron of weavers, potters, goldsmiths, sculptors, musicians, and horsemen. She was also credited with the inventing the first sailing ship, the yoke and the bridle, as well as the flute and trumpet.

Invoke Athena when you need creativity or need help musically.  If you know a musician, talk to them about Athena.  If you are creating something, such as scrapbooking or sewing, she can help inspire you.

Athena is also associated with the city and urban lifestyle, during peacetime she oversaw the progress of civilization, including being the patrons of literature and the arts.

Are you looking to take pictures or find some art for your office or house?  Are you a writer, creator, artist?  Are you interested in helping your community?  All of these things could use Athena’s influence.

Here is an example of a prayer you can use with Athena:

My dearest Athena,

I ask for your help awakening my wisdom.

Right now, I have problems that I would like to work on.

I need help with negotiation in my job.

I ask for your guidance on these issues because I don’t know where to turn.

I admire you as a powerful and strong woman.

Please help me to step into my power.

I crave the right path – I need your help in finding it.

Please, wise Athena, help me find my way.

And so it is.

Athena is the modern day peace promoter and creator.  Her influences can carry far and wide in your life if you’re looking for strength, power and creativity.