Night Rites

Kindred Heart Rite




Cutting board

Cinnamon stick incense
Pentacle paten
Small red drawstring pouch
Offering bowl
White or red taper candle
Three candles to represent the God, Goddess, and universal energy
Offering: Chalice with hot apple cider & plate with angel food cake

Ritual Prep

Set up your altar in advance.  If indoors, turn off any lights in the ritual room and extinguish any candles, so you will re-enter the room in darkness.

Take a cleansing ritual bath or shower by candlelight. Dress in ritual robes and jewelry. Bring the candle with you as you walk to the ritual space.

When you enter the ritual space, put the candle down in a safe place and go to your altar. Anoint your forehead with rosewater.  Light a couple of tea light candles around, if you need more light.

Light the cinnamon stick incense and walk with it around the sacred space deosil three times, purifying the area.

Sit down in a comfortable position and ground yourself in your traditional way.

When you are ready, stand up and cast a sacred circle.

Call forth the Elemental guardians at each of their quarters.

Stand at the center of the circle and invite the energies in the sacred space to join with your personal energies. Visualize all the energy swirling around you and gather it together. Bring it within yourself and center it at your internal place of power. You will feel energized and perhaps a little lightheaded. Sit down, if you need to, and allow yourself to absorb the energy safely.

Light the center candle on your altar to represent the universal energy of magick.

When you are ready, invoke the God and Goddess and welcome them to your circle.  Light the God and Goddess candles on your altar.


Place the apple upon the cutting board. Using your boline, slice the apple horizontally, so that the inner core star formation is revealed.

Slice away the rest of the apple until all that you have left is a small square piece of apple with the star formation.

Place one whole apple seed into four of the five slots of the star, leaving one slot empty.

Light a white or red taper candle and carefully drip the wax into the five slots of the star until they are completely filled with wax.

Blow out the tape candle and put aside carefully. Allow the waxen apple piece to completely dry.

When dry, carefully pull away the flesh of the apple to reveal the wax star with the apple seeds embedded within it.

Place this waxen star on your altar on top of your pentacle paten.

Hold your athame above the waxen token and repeat:

Let the magick of the Gods tonight
With my power through blade unite,
And consecrate this star token,
Add power to my words spoken.

Fruit to seed and back once more,
Candle to wax, to wax we pour,
We’ve all been here once before.

We return to where we start,
Return to me, my kindred heart.

Token star guide me steadfast,
As I move to present from past.

His/her name I remember not,
But my senses have not forgot,
Our hallowed time in the past,
In my heart will ever last.

God and Goddess, please do hear,
Allow this star to guide me near,

To the one I hold most dear.

Aid me in my lifelong search,
Through holly and oak, ivy and birch,
In woods and mountains, where rivers do flow,
Bring him/her back, the one my heart does know.

So mote it be done, denied by none!

Place the token in a small red drawstring pouch and keep it with you. Once a month, go somewhere you have never been before. It doesn’t have to be very far away, just somewhere new. Keep your senses open. Take notice of the people and energies around you. If you find a place that you seem drawn to, try to visit it frequently. You just might run into someone you have been looking for!


Bless your chalice of hot cider in your own traditional way. Pour libations in honor of the God and Goddess onto the ground (if outside) or into a bowl (if inside).

Bless your plate of cake in your own traditional way.  Offer a piece in honor the God and Goddess by crumbling it onto the ground (if outside) or into a bowl (if inside).

Offer the remains of the apple to nature.

Thank the Elemental guardians and let them take their leave.  Thanks the God and Goddess and bid them farewell. Open the magick circle. This rite is complete.

The token is fragile, so don’t worry if it breaks, just keep the pieces together in the pouch. Once you find who you are looking for, return the token to the earth.