Political Magic

It’s 9:53 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2008.  I have just witnessed the swearing in of Barak Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.  For some, this represents a major moment in a struggle for racial or class equality.  Others have different thoughts, perhaps ones of trepidation or doubt.  Maybe some even define this moment as a bitter defeat or failure.  And I’m sure there are even those who will see this as the beginning of the end for some ideology they have embraced and a threat to their way of life.  But I think that few would contend that it is an insignificant moment.  What surrounds the new President is an aura of power that he seems fully cognizant of and willing to use.  The rise to the presidency by Barak Obama has been an amazing display of adept political magic.

The turmoil and angst that touches every corner of our world should not surprise anyone who knows the basics of magic, least of all Pagans.  After all, we have been perhaps the most vocal about how our species has forsaken the Earth and her riches.  We have been fervent about wanting the people to awaken to the needs of this planet and the inherent divinity of each individual.  We have dreamed of a time when our needs and the needs of the Mother would be in greater harmony.  Surely we didn’t expect such changes to be made manifest in total comfort, did we?

I have to admire the expertise with which the new President has built and shaped this political power; it is a masterpiece of spellcraft.  He, and the people he has chosen to help him, have gathered not just the will of millions of Americans, but the hopes and good will of billions of people worldwide.  Never has there been more energy focused upon one person and the vision that person holds.  President Obama has led the chants, performed the dance, and summoned the spirits that can manifest the beginning to wonders that just a few months before might have been only wishes.

Such awesome power is both inspiring and frightening.  No president can say their policies have always been the best.  None can say they have always led the people in the right direction.  There has never been, nor will there ever be a President who is the perfect leader, the all-knowing wizard of magical powers, the anointed one who never makes a mistake.  And Obama himself has tried to keep this image from forming in the minds of the people because it is an impossible vision to manifest.  But even while trying to temper the nation’s expectations, he has been able to keep the energy flowing and focused on the future activities of his administration.  Once again, he has proven himself to be a masterful magician.

Obama’s circle is not just the inner power circle of politicians.  Nor is it only the people of this nation.  His circle is three-dimensional; it is a sphere.  It is the sphere we call our planet.  Though there is an abundance of people and nations who oppose us, there are more who wish that we help lead the world in matters of political, scientific, and spiritual (but not religious) thought.  A nation that uses energy wisely and responsibly.  A nation that has compassion and knows the meaning of love for even the most lowly.  A nation that shares its wealth and bounty for the betterment of all humankind.  A balance in the Elements that produces a spirit that is worthy of the treasures we enjoy.

Mr. President, we, the people, have given you our love and trust.  And we stand ready to give even more energy to the vision you have engendered in us.  We have all spoken the spell; let the magic begin.