Door to the Beyond

Getting Through

Thank you for joining me in another walk through the Door.  Going through it can and has been exciting over the years… but there will always be those times when walking anywhere will be a matter of just plugging along.

We may call this “boredom”.  We may use choicer terms, such as “perseverance,” “dragging along,” or “the blahs”.  Nonetheless, no matter what we do with our lives, there are times when we don’t feel the magick.  Many of us with diagnoses tend to fixate on these times, to where it may seem as though all the time is this way.  But we know that is not the case.

We can’t have excitement 24/7.  We just can’t.  We need down time, time to relax, time to recuperate.  If we see this as a negative, it is easy to fixate on it, and to scream that it’s over.  Many of us choose these times to contemplate suicide, especially if we have had a lot of these times lately.

I give to you the Magick Words which will get you through these times.  As nobody has the same preferences of language, I’ll say them several different ways, and you can choose one.

It’s OK, I need some time off.

I’m just resting.

I can get through this. It’s easy.

This, too, shall pass.

It’s true.  Just as no bad time lasts forever, and no good time lasts forever, no boring time lasts forever.  It just feels like it while it’s happening.

But what can you do to get through it?

Ah, come on, you know the answer.  You’ve done it lots of times.  Read something.  Take a nap.  Put on some music.  Call a friend.  Get on the Internet.  Go for a walk, or a drive.  Anything to fill the time.

You might also find this is a perfect time for meditating.  OMMmmmmmmmmm can fill lots of time.  My problem is, this is almost always the last thing I think of at these times – and probably the best thing I could do.

Do you feel isolated from everything?  Get in touch with everything!  The only way to get in touch with everything all at once is meditation.  Yeah, I’m preaching to myself again; isn’t that the best way to motivate myself?

And if all else fails, you could always write me.  Chances are, it will get to me right when I need someone to talk to.  A quick email to [email protected] will likely get you a quick email in return, and possibly a friend – for now, or for life, that’s up to you.

What else can you do?  What gets you through these periods?  Actions, thoughts, meditations, anything.  Tell me about it.

And next month we can walk through this door.  Together.